Monday, January 18, 2010


Project 365 - Day 18

Ariel is spending the day on the couch home from school today. The past few days she has been coughing and last night it was enough to make her throw up, so I kept her home to rest up. She is feeling much better after her special Ginger Ale delivered by Grandpa.


So we survived the weekend and now have a sick kid. Like I mentioned she started having a bit of a cough and by Sunday night was coughing enough to lose her dinner... in the bath tub... while I was in it. Ah the joys of parenting... that is one they don't put in the books eh?

Lets go back to the beginning, Saturday morning we were invited over to Dad and Rita's for breakfast. They had Katie with them that weekend, so Ariel was very excited to go play. We went and had a nice walk in the sun, after a long week of rain it was amazing to feel the rays of the sun. Ahh.

Xander enjoyed visiting the ducks...

For lunch we all headed down to the McDonalds. They were celebrating 25 years of being in our town and had 25 cent coffee and Big Macs for $1.25 woot! Ariel was so excited to go in the new play area that they build. The whole building just got a huge face-lift and looked great.

We came home briefly before heading out again for Asher's 3rd birthday party in the evening. Ariel was so excited to see her friends. It was a castle themed party and the kids got to decorated cardboard castles as a craft...

... and check out the dragon in the tower of the rice krispie treat castle!

After the fun evening we came home to bed, although Ken and I ended staying up to watch SNL while he worked on his book. I started stitching Xander's Easter bag... yeah I know - kinda early but its going to take awhile to do.

Sunday morning came and Ken took Ariel to Sunday school while I fed Xander. I then walked to church with my little guy. When I got there Ariel came rushing over shouting 'I love Jesus'. So cute!

For lunch we went back to McDonalds, yeah I know - BAD!!! However the 25th celebration was still going with 25 cent nuggets! Plus Ken wanted another 25 cent coffee. In the afternoon I went for a walk to the store for some bread and salad for dinner (also to walk off those nuggets).

We had slow cooker ribs for dinner and invited Dad, Rita and Katie over to join us and to watch the Golden Globes. It was then that Ariel's cough seemed to get worse and Ken got her ready for bed. She was crying and when I went up her little tummy was distended and tight. I asked if she wanted a bath and she said yes with me. Soooooo, I filled the tub and we got in... and literally not even being in two minutes she tossed her cookies. Ugh!

So this ended the weekend on a bit of a sour note, but it was ok. I decided to keep Ariel home today to rest since her cough was still lingering. I called my dad if he could bring over some Ginger Ale. He brought the cute mini cans and needless to say Ariel LOVED them. They really made her happy and she hasn't coughed much today. Yay!

Well, that was our weekend in a nutshell. Another busy week ahead. I did enjoy a quieter day than we would have had. I decided to make bagels for the first time ever and they turned out perfectly! Ariel loved them, so I guess we will make some more soon.


kelly ens said...

sick is never fun :( hope she's doing much better today and that it doesn't turn into anything else.
those bagels look fantastic, and i love the gingerale shot with ariel in the background.
wow - mcd's for 25 years in town - nice to have some cheaper treats there and that they redid the play area!

Tera said...

Sorry Ariel is sick, but it made for a great picture. ;) Hope she's feeling better soon.

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