Thursday, February 25, 2010

Game On

Project 365 - Day 56

We had to go down to Bellingham today to visit the IRS office in regards to Ken's tax return... sadly we have to go back due to a mistake on our accountant's part. (Actually she had the right info but was told by some big wig in Alberta that it wasn't right... guess what- it was!) Anyhoo, I will blog more about it later, but our crossing into the USA wasn't the most 'pleasant' experience, blah! We decided it was better to get out before the big woman's hockey game started tonight with the USA vs Canada... good thing we did, we won Gold! Go Canada!


Aimee said...

next time you come down let me know maybe we can meet for lunch

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! Sorry the trip down wasn't so successful. Ugh...taxes are always such a pain. You'll have to tell me all about your border crossing sometime.

Erin B

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