Saturday, February 27, 2010


Project 365 - Day 58

We finally took our pop cans in to the recycle place this morning. Ariel loves going and putting the cans in the bins. Who knew such things could be such a fun outing.


Oh its been a busy week... any free time I have gotten has been spent on a video I was making for our church's annual general meeting tomorrow. Its part of a celebration Sunday event, so I wanted to make it special. It shows all the areas of our children's ministry, so I had to go around and take lots of pictures of the kids. Lots of fun, but I must say with Xander wanting to be held these days, it made for some tricky afternoons.

Xander has come to the point where he wants to be up right, and laying or sitting just doesn't cut it. Thankfully we discovered last Sunday he loves the exersaucer in the nursery, and a friend has one we can borrow and use in our home, saving us some money, yay! I think this will help with things getting done around here... I look forward to it... my house is a mess!

Ok, lets head back to last week when I last blogged... I got to go to the dentist, my first time in 4 years. Ugh, I was really fearing the worst, even though I know I take good care of my teeth. Thankfully I was surprised and got a glowing report from the dentist who said my teeth looked like they were cleaned 2 months ago. Amazing and quite a relieve. Needless to say I am not taking chances anymore and booked my next appointment in 6 months.

That night I got to go to a Tupperware party with Kara, as a last minute event. I haven't been to one in ages and so I brought Xander who decided to try and crawl at the event. He wanted that pretty Tupperware to chew on. Haha. I ordered a few things and had a great time... I have never been to such a wild party! Oh, and the cupcakes were a plus too.

Then the week was the usual craziness of school, ballet and swimming. This coming week is our last full week before Spring break, and I find myself with some long days to fill with both kids. Maybe some play dates are in order... or maybe just relaxing a bit. Either way, I am looking forward to and also dreading not having a regular schedule.

One thing that will be happening is fabric shopping for flower girl dresses! I will be sewing Ariel's dress for Amanda and Matt's wedding as well as one of the other flower girls. They will be wearing yellow, so its different than the white dress she will wear for Kyle and Lindsay's wedding. Speaking of which the dress got changed due to sizing issues, so here is the new look. Oooh.

Within the week we also managed to watch lots of Olympic events on tv and saw our Canadians win lots of medals and show some amazing strength and determination. I think I will remember these games for many years... for many reasons. Ariel has loved cheering Canada... and I think an incredible event happened, I have enjoyed watching hockey... gasp! I must say Olympic hockey is more enjoyable than NHL hockey, but its a start right?

On Thursday afternoon Ken came home early so we could travel across the boarder to Bellingham to deal with some tax paperwork. Sadly there was a mistake and the trip became somewhat a waste of time. Not to mention a run in with nasty boarder guards. Basically the fellow was not going to drop the subject of why Ken wants to live in Canada, with a Canadian wife and raise Canadian children. He questioned why the kids weren't American, (although technically they are allowed to be dual) and in my mind I was saying, well then you pay for the extra passports buddy. In the end we got through, but it always makes me feel like crap to be treated that way, like I am a second class citizen. Ken gets embarrassed and upset too, just isn't fair. Blah. So we have to go back again with more paperwork and face those boarder guards again, great!

On Thursday morning Ariel had her own visit to the dentist, her second one ever. This one was even more successful than the first. They also felt she didn't need to come in again for at least a year. Woot! She was such a good girl and the dentist was very impressed with her bravery. She really liked the bubble gum flavored toothpaste, but REALLY loves her new tooth brush that looks like a crayola crayon. Haha.

I finally got some pictures of the kids in their swimming lessons yesterday. Ken stayed home to work since he figured the city be nuts for the final days of the Olympics, and took his lunchbreak during our class time.

Ariel loves her teacher, and is doing well.

Xander enjoys flirting with his teacher, haha.

He also is a fan of the boats.

Friday night I decided to have a 50's theme dinner to try out our new Bobby Flay burger, shakes and fries book. Complete with some music to make the moment complete, we ate yummy blue cheese burgers, onion rings and chocolate milkshakes. Yum! Ariel thought it was a hoot, and I managed a good sized walk today to compensate, haha.

The big event on Friday was Xander's big 6 month birthday! My little man is half a year old. I am in shock, and sad its going by so fast. He is just so amazing and such a special little guy. His smile is just one that warms your heart. He is a snuggler, and a momma's boy. He is pretty much the size Ariel was at when she was a year old! He is starting to really look more like me, haha. He has the cutest giggle and most pathetic cry when he is upset (must be a boy thing). Xander loves splashing in water, playing with Ariel (she always cracks him up, music and books! He loves to grab books and bat his hands at them. He is making lots of funny noises and I am excited to hear him talk more and more.

Xander is making every attempt to crawl, which is crazy! He can turn himself on his tummy any way he wants, but when he tries to go forward he can't, he just goes backwards. So we know its coming. He wants it badly, much like Ariel did. My kids are determined ones, that is for sure.

One special event to mark his big half birthday was his first little haircut by mommy. I wanted to trim it up a bit, and I must say a boy's hair cut is harder than a girls one.

In the end it looks good, and Xander was pleased. I can't imagine shaving his head or giving him a super short cut with the beautiful hair he has been blessed with. We see him as a little west coast surfer boy, hee.

This week there is some exciting events, Ariel's little ballet show is on Tuesday, so expect some video and cute pictures! Friday is the last swim class and report cards, whee! We also enter a new month! Crazy!!! I am sewing like a busy bee to get Xander's Easter bag done, almost got the stitching finished, then I just need to make it. Ok, Ken is ready to take over the computer to work again... he is nearing some major deadlines with his book, so I look forward to that being done too. Off to watch some more Olympic coverage... can't believe its over tomorrow night. Sigh... withdrawal. Blah!


Kristin said...

6 months already! His hair cut looks great, and the flower girl dress is so cute!

Kristen said...

Love these updates :) LOVE the flower girl dress. Hard to believe 6 months has gone by! Xander's new haircut is adorable. I LOVE, LOVE his hair!

kelly ens said...

so many comments to make - lets see if i can remember them all:
-Those flower girl dresses are so cute! Ariel sure has been a star flower girl :) i would love Taeya to be in someone's wedding, but the only chance she has is my sister (someday!).
-Taeya has loved the olympics right alongside me too. and yes, olympic hockey is better than NHL - i've actually watched a bit of it...even watched the WHOLE men's game yesterday and was so tense!
-sorry about the border mess. no fun :(
-Taeya's 2nd dentist appointment is coming up too...i hope she performs as well as Ariel has!
-love the swimming pictures...i'd just like to comment on the picture of you holding Xander and smiling - one of the first pictures i've seen of you showing your teeth and i think you have a beautiful smile!!!
-WELL done on Xander's haircut. i didn't have the ability (or patience?) to cut Ezra's, which is why he always gets shaved - that, and we do like the shaved look. but i agree that Xander's hair is too fantastic to buzz!
-can't wait to see Ariel's ballet show pictures/video.

PHEW - how's that for a comment? :)

sleeplessnights04 said...

Just out of curiousity, how old was Ariel when she began ballet? Madison is our little ballerina and would really love to start her in it.

Jay said...

I started Ariel at 2.5 years in a community ballet class, which was really informal and fun. She loved it :)

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