Thursday, February 04, 2010


Project 365 - Day 35

Had to share these little gems I made this morning. Ariel got a 'Princess and the Frog' cookbook from her Aunty Kara for Christmas and has been eager to make something from it. So today we made "Tiana's Famous Beignets", otherwise a New Orleans style doughnut. Needless to say, yummy!!!


Ok, I am pretty much dead... but I am still blogging like I promised. I had a REALLY bad migraine tonight around dinner time. Not sure what brought it on, but I haven't had one in ages, so it kinda hurt... bad! I always seem to get them when its the nights Ken is working late. Seriously, never fails! Thankfully, I managed to get some Tylenol into me, and with Xander asleep in his crib, I got into a warm bath with a cool cloth on my head. Ariel sat beside the tub playing until I realized she had striped down to get in too. Oh well.

We got out when I realized my head wasn't throbbing, still sore but at least I could open my eyes. Xander woke up and we all moved to the bed where I nursed him in the dark, laying down for another 45 minutes. Ariel was so awesome, she happily lay in the bed watching cartoons, asking every so often if I was ok. Aw!

I managed to eat, and it stayed down, something that doesn't always happen post migraine. I still feel kinda wonky, but at least I can function. After the pain, I went right back to my task at hand, making 24 cupcakes for my hubby to take to work tomorrow to celebrate his 35th birthday. He called at lunch and asked if I could make something, and being the good little wife I am, I provided! Plus you know me, I can't just do anything half hearted, I made a collection of little Jack Skellingtons! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Earlier this morning we had a play date with Erin and her kids Carter and Brielle. Ariel had a blast and it was nice to visit. I got to try a recipe for apple scones along with the beignets, yummy indeed! After they left I got to work decorating Ken's birthday cake for tomorrows dessert night. Earlier this week I baked the cakes from a new recipe I found online. Gosh I been trying lots of new things this week. I can't say what his cake is yet, but I will share tomorrow. Hee. All I can say is that I got to work with fondant again. I got a recipe for marshmallow fondant and it was sooooooooo easy! I am happy with how it turned out, and I eager to try it again with the kids birthdays this summer.

Earlier this week Xander got some mail from our good friend Meeka. Inside was his new sock monkey friend, a combo of Canuck and Red Wings. Ken's mom pointed out during Christmas that our kids had to be half Detroit fans as well as Vancouver fans, haha. I said they can be anything anyone wants since Ken and I really don't follow sports at all. So to be fair, I asked if Meeka could create this little fellow for his room. If you likey, check out her Esty site! Click here and see all her wonderful creations!

The rest of the week was pretty much just the norm. With the beginning of February I decided we needed to decorate for Valentines Day, and got out some red. I even picked up some new plate chargers. This is why white dishes rock! You can totally dress them up with inexpensive plastic charger plates in multi-colors. I love red, its just so bright and on cold, dark days.

We even set up our little Valentine tree, Ariel was excited until she saw it was just a branch, haha. I guess she thought the big Christmas tree would come back. I think she might make me get a little white or pink tree if I ever see one at the thrift shop.

Tomorrow we have swimming, and Kara will be joining us. Yay! I have to be in Ariel's class as its the parents day, and so Kara will take Xander to his water babies group. Should be fun. Xander is loving the water these days. His favorite moment is when after his bath we let out most of the water so that he can lay on the bottom of the tub and kick away. He can make himself move from one end to the other. So cute!!!

On Monday morning I took the kids passport applications in to the office while Ariel was in school. The lady who did our paperwork said they 'might' not take Ariel's pictures like I thought because of her teeth showing slightly. They are going to push the fact she is only 3, but we will find out next week if we need new ones. They will call if there is a problem, otherwise we will get them the week following Valentines. Cross your fingers everyone, I really don't want to have to go do this all again. Bah!

After getting that done, I killed some time going to the Richmond Save On Foods store, and walked around looking at all the cool stuff it had compared to ours. I may need to come and shop there sometime. I did find some multi sized heart cookie cutters, which is perfect for the sandwiches I am making for Ariel's class party on Monday. What is a Valentines party without heart shaped sandwiches?! Haha, ok, I make more work for myself, but its fun right? Either way, Ariel is excited to help make them, so stay tuned for pictures.

The other main activity this week keeping me busy is researching tax stuff. We finally decided for my sanity, to find someone to do Ken's American tax return. With him being a Canadian as well, it just makes it that more complicated. So we are biting the bullet and paying almost $300 to get them done. Ugh, stinks but I hope I can see how its done and then perhaps do them ourselves next time. The one snag we have hit thus far is that she informed me that our id needs to get notarized at the consulate, and with the Olympic craziness coming that most likely won't happen until its over. Hoping it comes together, trying not to stress. Ugh.

At least this little face makes me calm... most of the time. Maybe not when he is screaming... he does do that every so often, much to people's surprise. However, mid morning cat naps are usually a happy wake up call.

Next week is the coming of the torch. I let Ariel watch the torch moment on the news tonight tonight to see what I had been talking about. She was quite intrigued and asked if her Quatchi toy could come, so if its not raining our stroller might be all decorated with all of Ariel's Olympic friends.

Ok, my little boy is asleep on my lap, so I am going to try and get him to the crib without waking up. Have a good weekend! Tomorrow night I am taking Ken out for dinner to celebrate his birthday before we have his special cake with the family. Stop by tomorrow to see what it is, hee.

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Dianne said...

Dear Janet, based on the food photo at the top of this post, I will be moving in shortly. I will be happy to sleep in the storage closet in your kitchen, as long as you feed me. :)

Hope you're feeling better! My migraines get triggered by the pressure from Calgary's chinook winds. They just plain suck.

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