Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Catch Up

Project 365 - Day 313

Another day another cake! Today I finished up a baby shower cake, with a princess theme. So instead of Cinderella's glass slipper its a baby shoe... hee.

Ok, long time no blog, I know! The past few days have been crazy cake production days, as well as preparing for the baby shower for Mike and Jo. The shower is still another week and a half away, but I like to get started early. Its a guys and girls one, so a bit more planning than the usual girly affair! Should be fun, got some ideas brewin'.

On the weekend we attended the first Christmas bazaar, the one also I use to attend yearly with both my Mom and Nana. Ken was able to come along with me with the kids, and although its not the same, its still fun. We had our tea and sandwiches, Ariel played a game and I got some new dishrags - so all in all it was a successful morning.

That evening we joined Mike, Jo and Henry out for dinner at White Spot, only for me to forget my camera to capture my cute nephew but as well his first 'white spot experience'. Haha. It was fun being out with our 'kids' and I look forward to many years of outings out and about. A true blessing that we live so close to each other. Yay.

The weather has turned cold... very COLD! I pulled out the cute sock monkey hat we gave Xander last Christmas and its still a tad big but oh so cute!

Ken's family just got a new dog this week and we have been having lots of fun going on Skype seeing him. He is super cute and we all wish we could reach through the screen to pet and play with him.

I have 2 large cake orders for December already and get this - I am in talks with a gal about a wedding cake and doing her wedding photos this summer! She is having a smaller wedding and was looking at my work and asked if I would consider it. Wow, very exciting and quite an honor! Also I have to get together with Kara and Chris soon to help get their wedding invitations together. Sooooooo, life is busy, but good!


jen said...

Don't you just love this season - there is so much planning and cooking and shopping, and the cold kind of adds an extra edge to it and makes things seem cosy and romantic.

Joseph Hogan Wilks said...

That cake is really awesome! My wife wants to have something like that for our shower. I am interested to see what those baby shower invitations look like. We are having a girl as well, you just gave me some great ideas, thanks

Tera said...

What an adorable cake! Great job!!

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