Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Naked Trees Coming Soon

Project 365 - Day 307

As I took Ariel to school to this morning she commented how the trees were going to be naked soon. Then it will be winter... whoa.

I can't believe its mid-week already. It was going to be a quiet week but got a tad more crazy when both kids and myself decided to develop runny noses. I have had a sore throat go along with that as well, making me hit the hay early most nights. Thus losing valuable working time for various projects. Thankfully I got things tied up today with things from some logos I am doing for a daycare, invitation for Jo and Mike's baby shower and website stuff for Rita's organization. Next week I have a large cake order to be picked up on the Remembrance Day, so thankful Ken is home that day to keep the kids from getting into it. Haha.

In recap from the past several days, we had lots going on from Henry's birth to Halloween! Ken had been hoping for a Halloween baby, so it was close but no cigar so to speak. After doing the 'baby pool' Ariel had gotten confused thinking we were 'picking' what the baby would be, not guessing. So Saturday morning upon telling her the news she cried saying that wasn't what she picked. Haha. It was hard not to laugh at her, but we talked about it and she quickly was on board with another boy in the family.

We went out in the afternoon to the hospital to meet our new nephew. It was strange being back at that hospital for baby reasons, and not being one of our own. Kinda cool! When we arrived the room was already filled with Chris, Julie and their kids. Big party, woo hoo! Chris handed me Henry and I was lost in that wondrous moment of baby! You forget how small they are, even though the little guy was over 9 pounds!

Xander was taken with the new friend. Won't be long till these 2 are running around together growing up as best friends as well as cousins.

Ariel was studying little Henry closely and enjoyed tickling his tummy. She will be a good big cousin I think.

Ken was excited to finally be an Uncle too! He said it was nice to snuggle a baby again.

We had been praying hard for this little one's safe arrival into the world. We are thankful he is here and are looking forward to the next visit we get with the little man.

Then came Halloween! We were invited to our church friend's regular event of trick or treating and party following. Before joining them we stopped over at Dad and Rita's to do the houses by them. We then joined the party and had a great time visiting and walking through the nice night collecting treats. I am so thankful it didn't rain. We came back for appetizers, I made meatballs, so good! Didn't get home till nearly 10pm, party animals on a school night, haha.

Thus leading into our weekly routine! Ariel is studying leaves this week at school and had a good ballet class. We are nearly at her performance for this 'term' which is exciting! They are doing 'under the sea' for their performance. Very excited and of course I will post a video! Today Ken left early to go do presentations on Salt Spring Island. He nearly didn't get on the boat as he came home to leave me the stroller to forgot to take out when he left. I felt bad since he should have just kept going and I could have used our one seat stroller, but being the sweetheart that he is, he had to come back. Thankfully he made it on to a very full 7am boat and made he connection in Swartz Bay perfectly.

Well its time to get dinner ready for the troops, good night!

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