Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learning is Fun

Project 365 - Day 317

So today I finally got to cash in my birthday gift from my hubby, a 3 hour one on one session with one of the photo instructors from the photography program at the school where he works. It was fantastic to finally learn all the inner workings of my camera better, as well as tips on using a flash in some particular situations I had questions in. Unfortunately the rain didn't help our during our shooting time, but I did get a few shots with my favorite model. Most of the pictures I took are on Christa's camera, since it was better equipped for shooting in the rain, but I had this one to share from my camera. (Will share the others when I get them on Monday).

I look forward to playing with what I learned in the weeks to come. I was also very encouraged as she was very impressed with my work and what I have done and that I have a great visual and artistic eye. Yay me! Since I am super critical of my work, its nice to get some feedback from someone in her position.

Ok, SNL time, whee!

1 comment:

kelly ens said...

wow...that would be SO awesome. so excited for you that you got to do that!!! :) have fun putting all those new tips into practice :)

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