Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Sunday of Advent

Project 365 - Day 332

...and I am home with a sick kid! Wah, so we had our own little Advent moment with our 'kid friendly wreath and candle'. Hoping not to miss anymore... Christmas is my season!

On Thursday morning as I laid in bed I heard Ariel calling me from downstairs. I pulled myself from the warmth and trudged downstairs to her gleeful face pressed against the window... it snowed Mommy! Lots and lots of snow!!!!! She wasn't kidding, I went to bed and woke up to a winter wonderland. Sadly however, it meant no swimming lessons for princess as I didn't want to drive. Our roads over where we live needless to say were not plowed at all... including our parking lot! Well, they finally showed up at noon to do the parking lot but the snow filled it all back up, blah!

So I declared a snow day in our home! We eventually went out on foot to get a dvd from the video store for Ariel (a little treat because she had to miss swimming). We stopped at the hardware store to get a baby sled for Xander. Oh man did that make getting around with him so much easier. Ariel can walk herself but I had to carry him and that wasn't working. So we hit the grocery store and had a quick play before we dashed inside to warm up.

Ariel discovered her love for snow angels.

Xander loved the sled, not sure about the snow part though.

I got my hair done for the holidays this week. I love my stylist and totally trust her when it comes to my hair. I never go in with an idea and just say 'eh do something you think would be cool'. Sooooooo, I got the most awesome violet tones and cedar reds, ooh. Happy me!

The trees around the house are all up, and I will do a post on all of those this week on the 1st of December! Yay! Right now I am caring for a little girl who seems to have a bit of a bug! It sort of started on Friday when I went to the school to pick her up. She had been fine and apparently right before the end of class threw up! Nothing worse than the 'walk of shame' as I call it, when you have to go past the other parents and the looks of 'oh you sent your kid to school sick, way to go!' To my thankfulness the teacher did say loud enough she was surprised too since she wasn't at all showing signs of illness and wonders if she ran around too much.

I brought my princess home and she was fine, ate some toast for lunch, watched some tv but then fell asleep at 4pm! I had book club that night and Ken wasn't home because of a graduation at the school so Stella was babysitting. She said Ariel got up once and was ok, just looking for her mermaid doll. Next morning she was perky and happy and so we went to the birthday party in the afternoon for her friend. Ken was the 'entertainment' and the kids had a great time. Ariel didn't show any signs of feeling sick, she played and laughed, even ate a slice of pizza. Came home, early bedtime and nothing... till early morning.

She had a fever, ugh! So drugged her up and back to bed. As we got ready for church, Ken and I were discussing if I should stay home with her and then 'barf'! The girl puked in the hallway by the bathroom so I grabbed her and got her to the toilet where she threw up a few more times. That sealed the deal and I quickly got Ken ready for the various things I was to be doing at church that I couldn't do anymore, sigh! We could have traded places but Ariel was insisting I stay with her, sometimes you just need Mommy.

I then had to call and cancel all the fun stuff we had planned for today, much to Ariel's dismay. Had a lunch date with friends and a dinner one too. Ariel keeps saying she feels good and can go out now, haha, not so fast sweetie. Well, hoping this goes fast, as we got a huge surprise from Ken on Friday that would be happening this week. I am not gonna say what it is because I don't want to be disappointed if it can't happen now, so pray for healing! Please!!!!!!!!

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