Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiny Ballerinas

Project 365 - Day 327

Today was Ariel's ballet viewing and last class before the Christmas break. I loved this shot of all the little feet waiting to dance, hee.

So we are living in winter... and its cold... very cold! I found myself wearing 2 pairs of socks around the house and then getting out another quilt for our bed in addition to our fuzzy sheets. Brrrr. I haven't been able to walk Ariel to school since its just too cold for the kids, or Ariel who is not a fan of cold at all! We pulled out the winter coats and I am so excited they are getting lots of use, haha. At school this week Ariel is learning about bears and how they sleep during the winter... I think that sounds pretty darn good these days.

The weekend was filled with activity, starting with adjusting to the white stuff outside. We needed new snow tires this year for our car and after much thought we decided to pass on getting 4 new ones since we are really hoping to get a newer car in a year or so. Just seemed like too much money to throw down at this stage of the game. So instead I went to the hardware store and got a shovel and tub of salt to keep on hand. The village has been really on the ball with keeping the streets cleared so I am not worried at this point... ask me when its 7 feet deep... really hoping that isn't going to happen though.

Saturday Ken and I both had signed up at church for selling Christmas cds outside the liquor store raising money for Delta Hospice Society. I went first so he could stay with the kids and then we switched, but not before Ariel and Xander got to help out for a half hour. Ariel managed to sell 3 herself, quite a determined sales girl too I might add. She was going up to people saying, 'buy this cd, put your money in that jar!' It was too cute and of course it worked a few times, haha. It was great to have them involved and learning to give back to their community.

While Ken did his shift of selling, I took the kids into town for a quick annual visit with St Nick! We always go in late November when he first arrives because a) I don't like waiting in long lines and b) I don't want to be anywhere near a mall in December! I have talked before how we like to celebrate St Nicolas Day in early December, not sure what our family service project will be yet, but will let you know as soon as we do. I think its a great way to talk about where Santa comes from in a positive way that doesn't take away from Christ at Christmas, especially we both grew up with memories of Santa.

We arrived at the mall and both kids were eager to see Santa. We got a lovely picture and as a Mom I was shocked to compare it to last year's. I can't believe how much they have grown... wow.

Sunday morning was creative service hour at church, and Ken and I were back at making ornaments with 18 families for their Jesse Trees. Its been so much fun and its exciting to see so many who signed up for this activity! During the service the kids are now leaving really early to go practice for the concert coming up next month. Ariel is practicing her song at home and is excited to learn that she gets to be one of the angles for the live nativity scene... which means Mommy needs to get a little costume together for her. Woohoo!

Following church we zipped home to get everything for the shower and made our way over. It was an awesome party and I think everyone had fun. Henry slept through most of it, but did manage to help cut his cake, hee.

This was Ariel's favorite part, the Christmas tree decorated with Oh Henry bars, yum!

We played a few games that were fun for both guys and girls. First off a little girls against boys action of naming songs that have 'baby' in the title. Guys won that one proudly! Then we did a 'match the tv parents with the tv show' game. Some serious concentration with that one, haha. We had 2 get perfect and 2 come in second and so all 4 went on to the big finale, 'Price is Right, baby edition!' The players had to guess prices from everything from a baby book, sleeper, glow worm and finally diaper sushi I had made up (see photo from Sunday blog). Henry was the big winner, getting all the prizes in the end, and our players getting candy from the Oh Henry tree.

Everyone left and we ended up hanging out late watching the American Music Awards on tv with them and getting home late... thus causing Mommy to sleep in Monday morning. Gack! Thank heavens Ariel got up 10 minutes before we had to leave, and we got out on time, yay!

That brings us to now and Ariel's busy day of dancing and swimming. We all came to watch her show us what she has learned and wow she really has come a long way.

Her teacher has been telling me how pleased she is with her skill and ability, but for me to finally see it in person was great. Ken was able to come and film her so here are some of her exercises...
... and her Under the Sea number.
Ariel had made an ornament for her teacher for a gift. They are her thumb prints and I added some detail to make them look like dance shoes. She then wrote in the card herself this time. I wrote it out on a separate piece of paper for her to copy, and I am proud of how well she is doing with her letters - as was she!

We then had to dash out to get to swimming lessons, not going to miss rushing now that ballet is over. My little sea turtle is doing great and is loving her class.

Dad, Rita and Auntie Marg were along for the ride to both events and we all went for lunch at Triple O for lunch, yum! Nothing beats a warm burger when its cold outside. Ariel gobbled down her hamburger and Xander munched on fries, even though his lip is sore. He fell while we were picking up Ariel the previous day and split his lip... pretty gross.

Finally... after much waiting for Thanksgiving this week, I caved and put the tree up. I realized its the first Sunday of advent this weekend, and frankly things get busy fast in December and so while Xander napped yesterday I pulled everything out. Will post pictures as things come together... right now I still have several boxes filling my hallway, blah! However, the tree is up and I am happy, whee!

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kelly ens said...

Ariel is doing so great in ballet - such cute videos! :)
Xander's poor lip...ouch.

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