Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lazy Me

Project 365 - Day 322

Ah to sit and have a cup of tea. This is Ariel's tea set she got when Nana and I took her to the tea house for her first time. It has become a very special treasure in her room and she takes care of it so gently... and loves to tell people it was a gift from my Nana. Aw....

Ack, I am a lazy blogger... don't get me wrong, I am not lazy elsewhere, life is HOPPING! Jaybird Creations is starting to have a life of its own that I never expected. At times its scary, especially since I haven't done much freelance work since Ariel was a baby. Sure I would take on the occasional project here and there, but this is almost getting to be where I have constant work weekly.

My Facebook page for my business has people joining that I don't personally know, which is very cool. I am trying to stay on top of everything, including my responsibilities to my kids... so between their schedules and my stuff its getting full. I have made myself promise to only take on one 'assignment' per week, otherwise its too much at this point. One day when the kids are both in school it will be different, but for now as I grow its a good balance.

I should call December Pixar cake month. I have 2 large orders in the first 2 weeks, both involving characters from Cars and Toy Story. I have been sketching and planning out what I want to do and I am actually eager to get at it. Nothing like a new challenge eh? Also, I am officially booked for my first wedding this summer! I will be meeting with the couple after Christmas to do an engagement session and I have a 1st birthday session around then as well. I feel blessed that things are coming together, and I ask for prayer as I go into this new phase of life. Thanks!

Now I haven't talked about the kids in FOREVER! I have, but not in great detail and so I want to do that now. First up, my little prince Xander. Well, the moment this guy figured out how to walk its been full speed ahead! He is now climbing up anything and everything! We have to keep the chairs tucked in to avoid 'incident'.

Xander might not always have the words to say what is on his mind, but boy is he observant. Yesterday he watched me in the kitchen only to go get the oven mitt, put it on and try and open the oven (don't worry it was off, but we may need an oven lock now). The words he does have are funny ones, like pop for popcorn. He goes bananas if you make it and whines until you share. He is saying Ariel's name more and more, although it sounds like a mash of vowel sounds but I totally hear it. Gook for book, which is a popular one, he loves books! He still primarily uses his language of jargon, which at times sounds like things but we aren't always too sure, but we go with it in conversation. Oh, and his number one word... YEAH!!!!!!!!! Everything is yeah yeah yeah! Its really funny and the way his face lights up is just priceless.

I got my boy finally signed up for a swimming class for the new year. Xander loves the water so I am eager to get back to the pool with him. Xander loves dropping Ariel off at school, mainly because he loves to carry her bags. Yes, she has a little servant, haha. He loves to carry them around and screams when I have to take them away so we can go home.... so he goes and grabs another kids bags and takes off with them. What a turkey!

Ariel is continuing to grow into such an amazing girl in front of our eyes. She is loving school and her new friends. I am noticing more a 'girl' favoring these days, which I knew was going to come in the next few years. Her play is far more 'creative' lately as well, lots of dress up, tea parties, dancing and babies. She always has her ballet shoes on with a tutu and wings when we are at home. Her wanting to practice her dance is paying off with her skill. Her teacher noticed and told me she is coming into her own and I am excited to see her class viewing next week!

I have been excited to see Ariel back in swimming lessons. After 2 only classes I am thrilled to see her still doing everything she learned back in the summer, and with a new found confidence. She is always excited to go and I think it will help fill the void of dance class until Christmas holidays.

Ariel is also drawing so much more, mainly because Ken is working on another freelance project for our friend Galen's animation studio. I can't say much about the project, but it involves a cute children's book again and Ariel loves to be in the office with Ken while he works. They listen to Chipmunk records and draw, one day soon I will do a blog on her drawings and the stories behind them.

A funny story from this week was they are learning about seeds at school and on her calendar it showed they would be making bird feeders. Well the clip art showed a bird feeder like a house, so I think Ariel had that vision in her head. So when I picked her up, she handed me her pine cone bird-feeder which was ever so cute. I gushed over it but she looked at me with a sarcastic smirk and said, its just a PINE CONE Mom. So much for simplicity, haha.

Gosh, these little ones are growing up too fast! But I love the relationship that is forming between them. They love to play together and giggle. I am so excited for Christmas this year, maybe not the idea that Xander will probably want to climb the tree, but Ariel is starting to grasp the meaning of it all. She will be in her first church concert this year, singing Away in a Manger, and oh how she practices in her room melts my heart!

Well, in the course of writing this blog I booked another cake order for December. I think that I will close up shop for December now, since I want the week of Christmas off as Ken will be home and frankly its my favorite time of year and I want to celebrate it properly with my full heart prepared and ready. Ah but first one more Thanksgiving next week then bring on Christmas!!!

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kelly ens said...

Wow, you sure are getting busy with JayBird - that is SOOO fantastic!
the kids are cute as Xander's words :)

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