Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sickies

Project 365 - Day 333

The latest Christmas craft! I wanted us to have name ornaments and finally got around to making some. I picked a few blue shades of glitter (love that Martha Stewart multi-pack!) and then painted our names on the front. Happy with the results, yay!

Last night I didn't feel so good... in fact I felt my body starting to give way to illness, something I don't tend to do easily. My dinner tasted weird and I could't eat all of it, so I went to bed early. By morning both Ken and I were throwing up, so we must have gotten what Ariel had. Of course she was happy and well today, sigh.

The MAJOR bummer was that on Friday Ken came home to say he had to fill in for a co worker in Victoria at a school conference and give a speech. The fun part was that it was at the Empress Hotel and part of the deal was a room there! I was so excited and then this happens. What sucks for Ken is that he still had to go, sick or not because they didn't have anyone else to fill in for him. So we both slept most of the day away, Xander napped too while Ariel watched some tv, played and even got her own apple snack - can I say how much my daughter rocks being so independent when we were not feeling well.

So Ken left at dinner time to catch the boat over to the island leaving me bummed out that we aren't with him. I am sure tomorrow I would be much better but there is something about being in your own bed when you don't feel well, not to mention I don't want this to come back full force from me not taking care of myself. Sigh....

I am thinking maybe Ken and I can go stay at the Empress for our 10th anniversary this summer.... I keep telling myself that, haha. Sigh, being sick sucks!

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Tera said...

Love the new ornaments! So pretty! You have very neat handwriting!

Sorry you are feeling sick. Hope it passes quickly.

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