Wednesday, March 18, 2009

16 Weeks

I am going to keep this short since I am feeling really crappy at the moment. I think I over did it this morning taking Ariel to the pool. Just feeling worn down and tired. Ugh. Don't worry, you'll get a full exciting blog on Friday for the blog party, so it will make up for my lack of posting the past few days.

Not a whole lot to say. Its been pretty mellow the past few days. I have been getting to bed early since I feel drained at the end of the day. It has allowed Ariel and I to watch some movies together in bed, and that is always fun. We watched Enchanted last night, such a good film.

One very exciting big of news, April 21st we have our big ultrasound appointment to find out if baby is a boy or girl!!! So get your votes in to the poll. Looking forward to announcing not only the gender but the name of our little bean. Yay!!!

Like I mentioned, we went swimming this morning and ended up running into my old work friend Heidi and her daughter Alli. She too is pregnant again, due a few weeks before me, gosh something has been in the water around here, everyone one is pregnant and due withing weeks of each other. Craziness.

Yesterday Ariel got a surprise in the mail, this new Gap 'My Little Pony' retro shirt! I won this on a contest someone was doing on my Gymbofriends message board. Ariel was beyond thrilled and yelled 'PONIES' when she saw the shirt. Momma's little girl is a pony fan, like I was, hee.

We also wore green yesterday for St Patrick's Day and ate Lucky Charms cereal. Yeah, I was really creative this year. Haha, sorry, no brain power during this time. Ariel and Ken didn't seem to mind, and happily gobbled down the sugary treat.

Well, that is all I can type at the moment. My headache is coming on full force, thank goodness Ken will be home soon. Save me oh husband of mine.... your queen is crumbling. Blah.


Amy said...

love the retro shirt!! hope you feel better tomorrow!!

Rebecca R said...

You are almost half way though now!! Hope the sickness eases.
We are also big fans of Enchanted - (anything with McDreamy in is good with me!) Loving the shirt - Lucy loves her little ponies too!

Kristen said...

Jay, I am so sorry you still feel crummy! I really hope it ends soon! I like your new baby ticker thing (not sure what to call it) I might have to copy you!

missmarble said...

That was a great movie! Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. Can't wait to hear what the little bean is!

Brenda said...

Aww, man, hope you're feeling better this morning! Love that shirt - super cute.

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