Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Much to Say!

Wow, every time I went to sit to blog, something came up or got in the way. Finally I have a brief moment of peace so I will grab it! This past weekend was time change and while some feel the pain of it, I seem to have breezed through it. Perhaps because my normal hours of sleep are all out of wack already due to the pregnancy. Either way, it was painless and I am super thankful Ariel transitioned well too. Ken, well, he is having a rough go, but he is also in the post intake drain mode at the moment. Glad we only experience 2 intakes a year, otherwise he be batty, and so would I!

So flashing back to Friday, we had breakfast and a laundry morning at Dad and Rita's. Following that we went for a walk to visit the ducks and Ariel got to feed them.

She was a little concerned how close they were (overfed fat ducks with no fear) and got up on the bench for some personal space... that didn't stop one from hopping up beside her. This actually amused her, haha.

On Saturday we did some local errands on foot and since it was sunny decided to swing by the park for a quick play. Sadly it didn't last long when Ariel stopped dead in her tracks... her face froze with sadness and she looked to me. I knew immediately what had happened, a #2 accident. She is still having issues getting the hang of them and usually it happens before she realizes and then its too late. The poor girl takes it so personally and just clung to me out of pure embarrassment. I whispered it was ok and we go home to change. She is doing SO well with everything else, so its hard for her to still be having these moments of blunder. It will come, but I feel bad for her.

Sunday was church and a somewhat lively service when the ambulance had to be called for one of the elderly people in our congregation. He seems to be fine so we are thankful for that. Ariel is really enjoying Faithweaver friends in her 2-3 year old group that was started. We had too many new babies and the nursery was overflowing with the 2-3 year olds so they have their own thing now. They get a little coloring sheet, snack and then can play, so its perfect. They got to dance with ribbons, so she loved that.

That afternoon I was having serious blizzard cravings, totally random, so we went to get a treat. Yum! Usually I can't eat the whole thing (a small) but this time I had no issues polishing it off, I guess this baby enjoys ice cream, haha.

Yesterday was Ariel's last ballet class till April. We also had a freak one day snowfall that we awoke to! Ariel wasn't that impressed, but let me snap a picture to document it.

Getting back to ballet, parents were allowed to watch this time and I was so impressed with how far my sweetie has come since we started this session. As you may remember, she was kinda hitting a shy phase and wasn't getting into it as much. The classes without me in the room seemed to help her rather than distract her into wanting to sitting in my arms. So the last class with me watching, my girl was totally into everything and did so well. I was a proud momma!

Ariel fixing her tutu.

Here is a bit of video, I love her tiptoe and turning, so cute!!!

The past few days Ariel has been saying some really funny things, so here are a few of my favs. She saw a little girl wearing polka dot boots and yelled 'those boots have chicken pox!' (Back story to this comment is that she saw an episode of Arthur when he has the chicken pox and how DW wanted them too) She often tells me she has them now, since the kids in the story got special attention. I must say its really cute, but when I caught her drawing spots on her face yesterday, I told her it had to stop. Haha.

She also picked up from Arthur that the kids go to school. Now everyday she tells me that she is ready for school. I didn't register her for preschool in the fall since I felt with the new baby coming around that time, I didn't want her to feel like she was getting pushed aside. Especially when she suddenly hit this shy and clingy phase when I got sick.

On top of all the family daily routine, I have been updating our church directory, which took several hours. Its pretty much done and ready to go, so yay! I have also started putting my older blogs into a book! I was pointed to this site called Blurb that allows you to upload your blog directly and have them printed into a book. Soooooooooooooo cool, so I am doing the first year of real blogging, basically the start of us trying to get pregnant and ending with the birth of Ariel. It will be great to print out the past few years to have and read like a book. I hope to get caught up and print them out yearly, a good way to keep them in case something was to happen. I'd hate to lose all these journals. One funny thing I noticed was that my first entry about getting pregnant was written on Sept 14th... and then of course Ariel was born on the 14th of August, kind cool. Hee.

This morning I got out to the moments for moms group at the other church and had a fun time crafting. I even got a door prize of a bunch of fresh daffodils, so pretty! Well, Ariel and I are going to make up some popcorn and have a break before tackling the mess. Wish us luck!


Kristen said...

Thanks for the catch-up!! You guys do seem to get a lot of snow! I bet you are ready for spring! Hope your feeling ok and love the pics of sweet Ariel!

Tera said...

Oh, I love the tiptoeing too! So cute!

Jill Brochard said...

What a sweet video!!

Kelly Benita said...

very cute video :)
i can't remember if you mentioned that blogging book or someone else did, but i'm thinking about it too; it would be so cool to get that done. do they print all the pictures too?

Jay said...

Yes, its very cool that it uploads all the text and pictures. Amazing really! I will post when I get my first book in the mail and do a review. :)

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