Sunday, March 22, 2009

And We All Fall Down...

...well, just Ariel. This morning after a lovely church service, Ariel was running and took a nose dive into the carpet. Ugh, Ken came to find me with a 'duck lipped' toddler crying with blood down both of them. Ugh. Made for a dramatic ride home since Ariel kept crying and yet would repeat out loud 'I'm ok, I'm ok.' Poor thing. After a change of clothes, a few minutes with the 'Mr Bump' gel pack and some hugs, Ariel was back to herself. Although, she will be sporting the bruising for a few days, things ended well. How many times has she split her lip? More than I can count on my hand, and we still have all the teeth (knock on wood). We are thankful that she is alright, and figured she was in God's house so he takes care of those who visit. Haha.

Before the spill, we enjoyed listening to a guest speaker, who we both found very moving and thought provoking. We also got to sing 'The Lorica' which is fast becoming one of my new favs during worship. Roy played the version his wife recorded on her own album during the offering and I came home and downloaded it from itunes, love it! If you want to hear a snippet, click here. Steve Bell just recorded it to his new album too, so no doubt I will get that one at some point too. Haha. I was thinking it be a great song to sing at this new baby's dedication service. Just my wheels turning.

After having a skype chat with Ken's family in Michigan in the afternoon, we went out for a walk to the store for some bread for dinner. I really hope this weather is a sign of spring coming soon. It was so lovely and bright, ahhhh. The breeze kept it still a bit on the cold side, but I'd take cold over rain these days. While out I picked up some secret ingredients for my special birthday cake I am making my Dad for his little family dinner we are doing next weekend. Since my Dad now reads my blog I can't spill the beans, so all I will say is that the item was green gum drops.... oooh, what could she be doing? Stay tuned for more clues and a final reveal on Sunday night! Brew ha ha, evil am I!

After dinner Irene came by to pick up some dvds we burnt of Graeme and Kalia's video we made, and we got her to give us a second opinion of the bruising we noticed on Ariel's nose. While cleaning Ariel up after her meal, I saw the one side of Ariel's nose was rather blue and purple. I wasn't sure if it was just an after effect of her fall or if she had done more damage to her nose than we thought. She concluded that it didn't seem broken, so that saved us several hours at the ER. Yay. Ariel was in good spirits regardless even asking Irene, 'what's your name.' A new phrase I haven't heard her say before. Very cute.

Now Ken and Ariel are downstairs watching Monster's Inc. Its her first time seeing it, and her laughing it just killing me. Ken has been eager to start movie nights with her and now that she sits for a whole film, the time has come! Huzzah!

While Ken was teaching his part time classes yesterday, Ariel and I enjoyed a walk into town. The bakery gave her a balloon when we stopped in for a treat and she was beyond thrilled. We came home and she had a private party, haha.

Anyone notice the Fleetwood Mac concert ticker is now under 2 months! WOOT! Its getting closer and I have been watching footage from the shows they have already preformed on this tour via You Tube. I even found the set list and I am even more excited!!! I hope I can get Ariel a concert t-shirt, since she doesn't get to join us. A 3rd generation Mac fan in the making.

Friday morning we had breakfast with my Dad and Rita. It was a miserable morning of rain so we couldn't go visit the ducks. Rita had to go pick up her granddaughter, so we all went to McDonalds for lunch. Ariel got a frog toy with her meal and named him, Kermit. What else would a frog's name in our house be called?

While coming home I saw my old art teacher in the parking lot and didn't even bother to yell and say hi. Why you ask, because I looked like a dog's breakfast. It was that moment that I realized that I need to really put some effort into my appearance, as hard as it is when I feel as gross as I do. So I did my hair, added make up and over the past 2 days I have gotten so many complements. I guess I did look half dead. Haha. I still look super tired, but at least I look more like the old me, just with a big ol' baby belly.

So I am trying to get my week organized, have some things that have been on my 'to do' list too long, so maybe I will get them taken care of. One thing I have been meaning to do is upload these funny videos Ken took of Ariel singing. She gets so excited that the words don't make a whole lot of sense at times, but I am sure you get basic idea of what she is singing... at least I hope you do. Haha.

If your wondering about the last one, she is singing 3 different verses she learned at dance class, but they are coming out all the same, except the actions. What a girl!

Also, welcome to the new readers that found us during the blog party this week! Please leave a note saying you came by, we enjoy meeting new friends.


Kelly Benita said...

awww, sorry about her lip :(
that is SUCH a cute video!

missmarble said...

That girl! For a dancer, sometimes she has two left feet doesn't she? Hope the bruising goes down fast. (Hyland's makes a bumps and bruises tablet that works really well...)

Jill Brochard said...

Poor girl -- but what a trooper! I can't wait to see what kind of cake you are making!!

Julie Y said...

I watched that video while my father-in-law napped in the same room. I had to stifle my laughter! She is so adorable, and I especially loved the big face-squishing finish :)

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