Monday, September 06, 2010


Project 365 - Day 249

So we finally saw Avatar today. Yeah, I know, old news, but when it was first out Ken was busy writing his book and had no time for going out to movies. So on this rainy holiday Monday, we dropped the kids off with Grandpa and went out to see the blue creatures everyone talked about months ago. It was fun, and I will be honest it was an enjoyable film... however, its a total rip off of FernGully. Seriously, I was laughing it was so much like it, and then I realized it was a lot like Dances with Wolves too. Oh well, everything is really a rip off of something else, but we had fun. The glasses gave me a bit of a headache, a reason I really dislike 3d movies in general, but it was nice to have an afternoon with hubby and plus we had gift certificates, woot!

Tomorrow is the beginning of school for everyone... except us! Boo!!! Ariel starts next week and we are counting the days, she is eager to go and so is mommy! Haha. She needs her 'special' time with kids her age, she misses it and although we have had a wonderful summer its time for routine! So while everyone is going to class, we will be setting up our fall decor and counting the days till we can start too!

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Tracie said...

I hope Ariel has an awesome year at preschool!

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