Sunday, September 05, 2010

Turtle Party!

Project 365 - Day 248

My big find this weekend, sweet corn! We have had it several nights now, yummy!!!

So last night was the big birthday party and it went so well and was so much fun! Everyone who came had a wonderful time and Xander stayed awake and happy the whole time, woo hoo! First off here is the invitation I made. My friend at Precision Graphics printed these out as a gift to Xander. So special and they are adorable! I recreated the plaid pattern from his shorts for the detail on the sides for a classy look.

1st birthdays are usually about 'us' really, lets face it, haha. The babies have no idea what is going on really and so we did what we did with Ariel, lots of friends and good food. Nothing beats that! The appetizers were a hit, lots of turtles however I could sneak it in. Hehe. The turtle bread and turtle from the mini watermelon were cute touches.

The funniest thing Xander did at his party was starting to crawl away from the group and I called after him saying 'hey where are you going' to which he turned around and waved bye bye! Haha, too cute!

Our favors and big treat for our guests was ordering personalized Jones soda. We got 3 flavors in green, blue and brown to match our colors. A huge hit with everyone!

Not to mention a hit with the birthday boy himself!

When we first started talking about a turtle party for Xander Dad had mentioned having the chocolate turtles... oh yeah, they were there! Haha. Thanks for coming, take a turtle!

Dinner was served, a delicious turkey dinner as we head into fall. Yummy! Nothing beats a turkey bun with stuffing and gravy... drool.

Then came Xander's first story! Click HERE to see it.

Here are the cakes, the big one and the smash cake! The figures on the big cake were part of a broken mobile I kept hoping to reuse. The topper on Xander's little cake was made by my friend Katie. She made it so once he was done being on the cake that he had a turtle to sit on top of. (Pictured above with the chocolate turtles)

Xander wasn't so sure about the cake. In face he poked it, tasted the icing but that was about it. He wasn't that into it, but then he isn't much for sweets, he is more into salts... aka his love for potato chips, haha.

Our little guy got spoiled and as I thought, Ariel did have a hard time when it came to the gifts. Its the first time only Xander got presents so she did want to open things and play with them first. Ah the joys of 2 kids! We got her helping which helped, but it doesn't help that she is still overtired from the time change... still can't believe we just got home 4 days prior. Gack!

Some of the gifts Xander got were clothes, wooden toys, fun cars, firehouse play-set, airplane and books. A very special gift was from Stella and Jack, a beautiful quilt! Stella had worked on this in secret from me, although I remember seeing the pattern in a magazine and falling in love with it. So beautiful and will be great in his room.

Then came the big box from Grandpa and Rita... and like on the Price is Right... it was a NEW CAR! Yes, it was the coolest car I have ever seen, and Xander was in love... in fact I think we all were in love with this one. Wow, so cool, I never seen anything like it before. He got it locally too! Wow!!!

We said good bye and packed up to come home. We were all so tired we hit the hay early. Then this morning we got to go to church, something we have missed the past few weeks while being away. Looking forward to the new things we are going to be involved with this year in the children's ministry. Yay!

Tomorrow is a holiday and I think I am going to see Avatar with Ken on the Imax screen. Frankly the movie itself does not interest me, I hate 3d movies but its an afternoon break date for us and I will take it. Haha.


kelly ens said...

what a fantastic party, once again.
the quilt from Stella is amazing - so cute!!!

Kristin said...

What a super fun and cute looking party! :)

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