Monday, September 13, 2010

Yay for School!

Project 365 - Day 256

So look at that speed! Oooh, internet service, huzzah!

Yes, its finally fixed! Our internet issues are over... oh I am so happy. Turns out it was a power issue, they added a booster and poof! Issues resolved... no more early wake ups to work, yay!

Since it was down a lot has happened around here. First off on Friday Ariel had her first real hair cut! I took her last 'before' picture and we headed off to the salon to meet with my stylist. Ariel loved getting her hair washed in the fancy sink although the lady next to her getting foils kinda concerned her. Haha.

About 2-3 inches was taken off, I have some clippings saved to prove it. Ariel watched intensely as her hair was cut, making sure it wouldn't be short.

Xander in the meantime was schmoozing with the other stylists showing off his hair. He was interesting in finding some hair products... since we know he needs them. Eventually he got his bangs cut too as an added bonus. Now the boy can see again, yay!

Upon finishing her hair, Ariel got is braided beautifully! I wish I can learn to do this because I love it! She did too, can you tell?

Side note, I love this hat on Mr Man! Hee.

On Saturday Ken was at the animation festival so I took the kids to Carter's birthday party myself. We all had a great time especially at the park, Xander was totally digging it. Meltdowns did occur at the end, but understandable with a long morning of play and rests needed by both munchkins! It is harder to get 2 crying kids out vs one! That evening we went and got happy meals for dinner since I was bagged and it was nice, not to mention thrilled a nugget loving girl.

Sunday was church and Ariel's first day of Sunday school for the year! She was dressed so cute, Ken's mom loved this outfit when we chatted early on skype.

Not to be outdone by the new little man who is just as fashionable! Xander is sporting what we are calling the 'Mr Shue' outfit! Does he not remind you of Mr Shue on Glee? Haha.

Sunday we had a quiet afternoon at home doing some laundry while we watched some of the 9/11 specials on tv. It really is different watching those when you have visited New York in person. Especially to walk steps from where it all happened.

I went to bed early watching the MTV music awards only to fall asleep, haha. What was up with the meat dress Lady Gaga? All I could think was, ew! Xander... well turns out he like Justin Bieber... or maybe he is plotting his take over as the next pop star from Canada... lol.

Then this morning was the big day! I got up early to get ready, gather all the forms and cheques I needed to bring. Got Ariel up and dressed, hair done and did the same for Xander. We got out the door and took our time walking to school. Ariel was a tad confused at first, I think forgetting she was going to a new place this year. It was for a moment like she was not happy, but soon was eager to get there and see some friends.

When we walked in the first people we saw was Ariel's friend from ballet class! She was so excited and so the girls will see each other 4 times a week as they are in the same ballet group again too. Soon all the other kids started to arrive, lots of them! Such a change from our class of 10 last year, we are double that here. Takes a moment to get use to.

Came in and Ariel found her name tag and went right to playing. Of course she went to cut and glue first. She sat happily creating a big sticky mess smiling away. Haha.

Then after a quick wash up was at the sand table, although she wasn't pleased she couldn't make a sand castle because it wasn't wet sand. She made her way to almost every station and was in pure happiness. She was eager to clean up the room for circle time (strange how its fun to clean up at school and not at home ... hmm) Ariel loved the new song she learned about the monkeys and the crocodile and sang it at dinner for Daddy.

I got a friend to snap a quick picture of Ariel and I together, although Ariel was a tad embarrassed, haha. My big girl, I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Sniff!

After class we hit the bookstore so I could get the newest book I need for book club. We are reading A Reliable Wife by Rick Goolrick, which I am looking forward to. Then got some new boots for me and then a cookie for the troops after a good first day at school. Xander enjoyed his first 'bakery' cookie. Mommy's big boy, sniff. Why are these kids growing up so fast?!

Well, with the internet back up that means I can get my work finally done. Lots to do in the next 24 hours... hoping I can get on top of it... might be an early morning tomorrow.


Kristin said...

Yay for working internet!
And yay for preschool!!

Brenda said...

OMG - Mallory learned the monkey and crocodile song at preschool, too! How have I never heard this song before that??

Looks like Ariel had a fantastic time - what a fun school!

kelly ens said...

that is quite the braid!!

glad Ariel had such a great day at preschool :)

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