Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes We Stumble

Project 365 - Day 267

Wow, only 100 more picture to go... better make them good eh? Today is a little peak at the cake I did tonight. Yep, BINGO cake! Yay!

So today was rough... real rough. It was filled with little moments that stressed me out, and added all together pretty much had me in tears by lunch time. I think the craziness of the week didn't help, but then it was lots of little things that just kinda snowballed. First off I got Ariel to school after a rough start. I didn't get up as early as I wanted to, missed my shower and felt gross. Got her to school and Xander is just fussy today no matter where we go. Stopped at the post office to mail some fabric to Trudy I picked up the day before and while there my little boy decides calling 911 was in order. He hangs up only to have them call back and sheepishly I had to say 'the baby did it, sorry.' If that wasn't bad enough, he had already done it once earlier this week!!! Ugh, Ariel never touched the phone, so this is new territory for me and I just felt bad.

The last time I called 911 was when my mom collapsed in front of me, so it had me rather shaky and overwhelmed. While in the post office after hanging up I hear the sirens outside. I felt my legs quiver like they were going to buckle. Oh gosh please don't be coming. The post office girl who knows me well and had pity on me ran to see where the emergency people were headed. She came back to say they went past... but looked like they were going over by my house. Never did find out if they were there for me or someone else in the area... sigh. Stress!!! I had to head over to the Telus store to get them to help me with my cel phone because Xander also managed to do something else that I couldn't fix... good thing he is cute eh?

So I dash back to pick up Ariel only to find out they are going the full time today because they are the older group... um, not sure how I missed that memo, but wasn't the only ones as several parents were sitting around rather confused too. Oh well... no problem, until I realized Ariel's eye exam was at 1120 and her class got out at 1115. Crud! Basically ran with the kids once class was let out, and thank heavens the place is so close.

Did the pre-exam and Ariel did fantastic. Then we had to wait 10 minutes for the doctor to come... that is when it all went bananas. Xander was just wanting to get into everything, Ariel didn't want to share the toys, both ended up crying and Mommy was ready to join them. Sigh. Doctor finally came, looked slightly cheesed the kids were so loud, and I felt bad again. The rest of the exam was great, Ariel doesn't need glasses and we will come back again next year... perhaps with only one kid, note to self.

Left the doctor's office with Xander screaming again because he had to go back to the stroller. Decided I was frazzled and would get a $5 pizza to cheer us up, yes I know I shouldn't use food to make myself feel better... but today I don't really care. The hot and ready pizzas 'SURPRISE' weren't ready! Ugh. So again more waiting with cranky kids. I had the gull to ask for free crazy bread for waiting, and got some, so win for me! Came home and we all devoured the pizza, including Xander who is a pizza man!

The kids both crashed after lunch, Ariel to have her tv time and Xander to nap. I was happy to start feeling more myself and felt the tension lifting finally. I made up a yummy chicken and apple dish for dinner, iced the cake for the order tomorrow and even worked on Xander's baby book - hoping to have it updated once the weekend is over. I finally got my shower, right before bed and am enjoying the quiet of a sleeping house before heading to bed myself. Was a rough day, not one I want to repeat soon, but I guess we all have them.


Kristin said...

Oh boy that dose sound like a rough day. :(

The BINGO cake looks great though!

kelly ens said...

oh MAN, that sounds rough! :( i hope today is going better for you and the kids!
way to go on asking for free crazy bread!!! :) and you know, sometimes we just need to break those food/stress rules and go crazy! There's always tomorrow to be 'responsible' again :)

Anonymous said...

My dear Janet,

Sounds as if the enemy was nipping at your heals.

May use Joyce Meyer's method.

Take a deep breath and say, "I am not amused. I am the righteousness of Christ. He has GOOD plans for me.

lots of love.

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