Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Crazy Week

Project 365 - Day 261

After the rain is always a blue sky. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that. A tad stressed but its all good. Been a little crazy this week with everything from Ariel's pre-school, a cake order and 'Imagine That' stuff.

A few vents... I am sooooooooooooo over this 'gradual entry' stuff at Ariel's school. All 3 of her classes were only an hour long, which basically means I get nothing done during that time. Comparing it too our old pre-school, they really didn't have any gradual entry, only that you could stay with your child if they needed you. Not only is this week's classes only an hour, next week they are all only 1.5 hours... meaning its not till week 3 that she is going her full time. Sigh... makes for some tricky scheduling. Ariel is wise to these short times too, as she asks each day if will be another 'little class'. Regardless, my little girl is loving her new friends and teachers. She is eager to share her stories... sort of. She tends to forget unless I ask questions to jog her memory.

I have been working hard on getting our 'Imagine That' stuff together and to the printers, website stuff updated and facebook page going. Its a lot on top of the regular family stuff. One day I worked several hours and then at 9pm had to bake cake for an order I had to ice the next day. Ack! Thankfully it was another bee hive cake, so I could do it pretty fast after doing one before.

Then on top of that, I had a dentist and hair appointment the same day! Thankfully Stella came to sit with the kids. Yay! I am happy to report another great dentist visit, and my hair is awesome! Yes, no more summer blonde, instead some fall red and chestnut. It was nice to have a moment to myself too.

Friday came and we had a crazy day of school, coffee party and then delivering posters and brochures for 'Imagine That' to all the local churches and schools. Our big registration day is next Saturday, eek! Scrambling to get things in order before then, as I also have a cake order for that day! So things aren't settling down anytime soon.

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Kristin said...

Love your hair!

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