Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A question for You?

Project 365 - Day 250

A tisket, a tasket a little tiny basket... hehe, sorry. Ariel and I picked this little basket up at the dollar store for her Halloween costume this year... any ideas of what she is going to be?


Kristin said...

Little Red Riding Hood?
I have a feeling that is not right but that is the only thing coming to my mind.

Jay said...

You are right! Gotta love the old school favs! Xander will be a wolf to try and steal her goodies ;)

Tera said...

I was thinking the same thing! :) But it's only because Braylee wore Little Red Riding Hood to pre-school last year for Halloween. And then she went trick-or-treating as Little Bo Peep! ;) We must like the same things.
This year, my girls are going be an American Indian and a Cowgirl! :) Bought the material but haven't started sewing yet.

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