Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walkin' on Sunshine!

Project 365 - Day 273

Delivered my 'Mario' cupcakes this evening to the wedding rehearsal dinner and they were well received! Yay!

Its been a crazy week, from 150 cupcakes to bake and ice, to finishing the church directory to the regular parenting adventures... makes for one tired momma! Xander has been keeping me on my toes, as he discovered how to climb the kitchen stool... great. Now I have to watch what I leave on the counter. Sigh... at least he was pleased with himself.

On Wednesday I had to zip into Richmond and so Stella picked up Ariel from school. They had a fun time and hit the bakery for a treat... even one for Xander who was thrilled, can you tell?

Ariel has been loving school and has been starting to come home with art projects and stories of new things learned at school. Its funny when I look at her lately she seems so grown up... and then she does things that just make me laugh. Tonight when I took the kids up for their bath the room smelt like urine... as in accident. The carpet by the toilet was soaked and I asked what happened to which she replied that she tried peeing standing up like boys do. I wanted to laugh... but I knew I had to be calm and simply stated only boys had the 'equipment' for that. Ah Ariel, this is one for the books.

In gardening news, Ariel's little sunflower plant she grew from a seed bloomed this week! It was an exciting moment for her and she had to have a picture with it. We had to have her stand on her picnic table to get her up high enough. Wow!

Xander decided with turning 13 months, that he would try walking again, this time it seems to be sticking! He tried at 12 months, doing little walks and yet would go back to crawling. I finally gave up trying to encourage him, which is usually when they decide to do it right? Haha. So my little man is quite pleased and toddles like a little drunk all over the house... only one fall down the stairs thus far, ugh, and I hope its the last.

Managed to get a little bit of video of Xander's walking on his own.

This morning I took the kids and went out to Maria's to see the proofs from our session we had a few weeks ago. We narrowed the best ones down and I look forward to getting our new family picture hanging in our living room! So excited!!! If you want to see them, click here for the slide show.

Well I am happy its Friday tomorrow, our Thanksgiving dinner is Saturday since we can all be together on the actual weekend, so it spreads out the turkey hehe. Gonna try a new recipe, a potato and bacon tort. Oooh. Also I am going to Jo's baby shower on Sunday, so that will be fun! Time for bed and Ken should be home soon. Woot.

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