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Project 365 - Day 150

Well, the winner is Kristin! I have been wanting to try a photo alphabet and decided to give it a try. So my goal is to go from 'A' to 'Z' but if I have something interesting I had to share then it will have to take a day off. I can make my own rules, haha. So here is the first letter 'A'. You see it? You guys had some great ideas so I may use them or do another contest again. Kristin, I have a prize in mind and I will contact you once its ready to send. I know you are coming down to Canada, so I may send it when you are here.


Oh my, WHAT A WEEKEND! Some good, some bad - but we survived! First off, my last post, which was 'scheduled' due to the computer issues we were having, was my 1000th post!!! UGH! I missed it, how LAME! So I am celebrating the big 1001 today... yeah, kinda a let down. Sigh... I guess there is always 2000 right? Anyhoo, as I mentioned, our computer started acting weird. My brother said the best plan was to reinstall windows and have a start fresh, so that is what we had to do. The following days were spent backing up things to be on the safe side, but it makes for a stressful time of course.

On Friday I tried to forget about the computer and took Ariel on her field trip to A Rocha which was so much fun. I did notice our car having trouble accelerating at times, but it was a rainy day and sometimes our car doesn't like that. However nothing seemed too odd and just ignored it and enjoyed the time with Ariel and her classmates. Stella had taken Xander so it was really nice to be in the moment without a baby to tend to .

Come back, had lunch with Stella and came home again to bake oodies of cupcakes for Jessica's grad party. Then I got cleaned up and ready to leave as I had a movie and dinner date with Kara for a girls night to see Sex and the City 2. The traffic was really bad that night and I sat not moving for 45 minutes listening to the radio until I noticed that my 'check engine' light came on the dashboard. Crud! I started praying that the car wouldn't die right there on the highway or in the upcoming tunnel because that would have really sucked! Thankfully the car made it to the theater and shook to a stop in the parking spot!

I met Kara and enjoyed dinner and the movie, I wasn't going to let this ruin my evening, but I did ask her to follow me home briefly in case something happened. Thankfully again the car started and managed to get home only to shake and die in our parking spot. However, this situation put me in an odd spot, as I was to take Mike our computer to fix the following day and now our car needed to be fixed too. I was able to get my Dad to drive me out to take the baby stuff and computer to Mike and Jo's place while the car got looked at. The long story short is that the car went and broke something really abnormal (which seems to be the norm for us, we never break anything common). Our front tire also had come apart and needed to be fixed so in the end we shelled out $800, which sucked but at least its fixed, sigh.

That night we decided to go to May Days for dinner and to have a night of fun... which we needed. The park was pretty empty and so we had some grub and let Ariel ride a few rides...

...and play some games. (She won a Dora, haha)

She had been too short last spring to ride the rides, so she was very excited this time to go. She was all smiles and was just grinning as she got off each time. Kinda made me wish it was cheaper so she could go more but a few of the ride operators totally let her stay on a long time because it was so quiet, which was awesome.

Came home and was up early for the outdoor church service. It was great and both kids sat through it quiet well considering. We let Ariel pick another 2 rides as a 'reward' for being such a good girl and as her last one she rode the kid's 'Roller Coaster'. My goodness, she takes after Ken with that love of rides for sure, not me in the least. Gack!

We made our way through the various booths and strange mascots... some fish and chips for lunch and went off to find a spot to watch the parade. Xander was pretty tired and actually fell asleep during it in Ken's arms, aww. (Not the best picture of but I realized we had only this one of Xander since he mainly sat in the stroller for many of the events)

Zipped home so I could ice the cupcakes for Jessica's grad party while Ken took the kids and went to pick up the computer. We really appreciate Mike's hard work for that, so thank you so much!

Went to the party and had a wonderful time. The cupcakes were a hit and sadly I didn't get great pictures since I was having too much fun, haha. Here is one of the 'hat' cupcakes. These went fast with the teens.

The kids were all tired and ready to crash, so we left for home with a sense of 'wow, what a weekend... and we survived!' Now here I sit blogging and gearing up for a new week. Just hoping its a little more boring, haha.

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kelly ens said...

-HAPPY 1001ST POST!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
-very cool idea to do the A-Z pictures.
-cars...rotten things sometimes, hey? but pretty fantastic you made it home to your parking spot!
-may parents took Taeya there and VERY out of character, went on FOUR rides...the last one being the kids roller coaster! my mom said it was FAST and couldn't believe Taeya did it (and LOVED it!).
-those hat cupcakes are awesome...with some of the best chocolates on them!!! :)

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