Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coming Soon - girls night out!

Project 365 - Day 145

So Kara and I decided to go see Sex and the City 2 together on Friday night, eek! I used the new buy your tickets online thing and so it saves one more step when we arrive since we are going to dinner first. Whee! So excited... perhaps I'll wear my new heels, oooh!


So its been a whirlwind long weekend. Lots going on and a visit too from Ken's Dad. The craziness started on Friday evening when Ken got home and we were off to meet his Dad at the hotel and go to dinner. We ate at White Spot and came back to our place where he had lots of nice gifts for the kids.

Ariel got a pile of Barbie stuff including a doll, clothes, book, purse with jewelry and her fav the computer game thing. Its like a tiny purple laptop that plays 10 games and tells her she is 'fabulous' haha.

Xander got some outfits and a few toys including a funny bear that sings that Ariel enjoys too.

The next morning I left the men and the kids to fend for themselves for the day as I was off with Stella and Donna for a shopping trip. I was needing some 'nicer' clothes for the upcoming weddings as well as getting fitted for new undergarments. As you girls know that is a big deal and you can't shop for those with kids. I am much happier with how my clothes fit now, ahhh.

We hit several dress places and I tried on everything that was thrown at me. Some good, some not so good. There was one dress I was convinced made me look like a pine cone, haha. I will try and do a fashion show soon, but part of me wants to wait till the weddings. We will see how it goes.

After a few finds, we picked up Kara and stopped for a much needed lunch break. Then we were back at it finding more goodies. I had a wonderful time and it was a much needed day for me. All that time Ken and his Dad had the kids down in Steveston and then to the beach where Ariel's classmate was having a birthday party. I was sad to miss all that too, but you can't do it all right?

Sunday was church and a soup and bun thank you lunch to those who helped with the children's ministry. Then we had some downtime before heading to Dad and Rita's for the big 60th / retirement party. They had everyone bring a salad and if you can believe it there was almost no doubles. It was salad city haha. I had a plate full of every one's salads that my hot dog was sitting on a napkin. Hee. A very yummy evening...

... and of course cake too.

We had made Dad a card, and no I can't explain why the kids are dressed as food. I thought of the idea really late at night and it seemed funny and still does to me, haha. Good thing Ken just goes along with me at times. Haha.

Ken thought it be fun to take a picture of the Grandpas together.

Monday was a full day of adventure. We went to Stanley Park up to prospect point to start our day. It was cool and cloudy but still nice. We enjoyed the view and took pictures.

Then some lunch in the cafe up there.

The Aquarium was the next stop but by then Ariel was in serious meltdown mode. She had several late nights in a row, no routine and BANG - she is crashing. The screaming was enough to make both Ken and I nearly lose it.

We did manage to get around to see most of the features like the kids area...


and belugas.

There were nice photo opts for me along the way before we decided it was time to leave for our sanity. We went down to the sea wall and walked around in the sun. Ariel perked up quite a bit by then, the ice cream helped too.

Then we came home for an easy dinner of pizza and hanging out. We were all tired and ready to rest. It was also time to say good bye as Ken's Dad was leaving the next morning and we wouldn't see him off. Ariel in her usual fashion wasn't big on the goodbyes and could only offer up a wave.

Today I kept as normal as I possibly could. We slept in, eventually getting up and going to the store for the groceries. There a lady commented on how behaved Ariel was and after the meltdown the previous day it was a much needed complement I needed to hear. She is a really good girl, and there is usually a reason for her extreme behavior.

Then came some laundry, some baking little banana bread loaves for the youth's garage and bake sale and vacuuming the house. It was a fulfilling day for me, lots got done and I will say that not having ballet in the morning was kinda nice with getting things done. Ariel happily played with her toys all morning and afternoon. Xander had 2 good sized naps and I managed to make a dinner that will last another 2 nights, woot!

Soooo, we are slowly returning to normal and look forward to all the fun stuff ahead. We are finalizing our travel plans for summer with the Michigan / New York trip which now will most likely include Niagara Falls too! We will be traveling from Detroit with Ken's mom and brothers, go to Niagara Falls for a few days then on to New York for a few days and conclude with the family wedding. So exciting and for someone like me who isn't always a great traveler, I am looking forward to it.


Nathalie S. Roths said...

Wow, that's a cute card! I love all the photos of your kids. Especially the one of your son with the water in the background.

Have fun at the film!

kelly ens said...

Well, aside from the meltdown, it sounds like it was a great visit. glad it was nice weather for your day in vancouver! :)
Enjoy the movie this weekend...DO wear your new heels, and DO give us a fashion show ;)
Oh, and i know what you mean about being out of routine - our otherwise well-behaved girls can get a little bear-ish :( Thankfully, a day of 'normal' usually gets things back on track!

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