Saturday, May 15, 2010

Auntie Jay!

I have been eagerly waiting till the 15th to share this exciting news! This coming November I will be officially become Auntie Jay! Eek! Yes, my brother Mike and sister in law Josée are expecting their first baby. Its been hard keeping the secret so long, but I am happy I can finally say it out loud.

Becoming an Aunt is something I have always wanted to be. I love the Aunts I have in my life and hope that I will be someone special in this child's life as well. Not to mention I am so thrilled my kids are getting a cousin. When you grow up with a wonderful relationship with your cousins, its something you hope your children will have too, so its a huge blessing! Ariel is thrilled since she is in total 'mommy mode' these days and I am sure Xander will too, even though he is still too young to understand.

So I am packing up our baby stuff Xander is done with to pass along to Mike
and Jo. With knowing we won't be having any more children, its bittersweet but it is helping with the transition. Letting that part of my journey go is hard, but I look forward to the new adventure ahead.... Auntie Jay, has a nice ring eh?


Project 365
- Day 135

Meet Miss Kaelyn! This is one of the shots I got this morning from the pictures I took for my friends Michelle and Jug. She has got some pretty amazing eyelashes and is such a cutie!


Oh its been crazy around here. Ken got home on Friday morning and Ariel has been a basket case ever since. She basically has been glued to him, and that is understandable, but Ken is tired and short on patience. Makes for some cranky times in the homestead, but I know things should return to normalcy soon... I hope anyways. Haha. Eep!

Friday evening Dad came over to watch the kids as we went to Nick and Andrea's wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony and Andrea was gorgeous!

The wedding took place outside where I realized too late that sunscreen would have been a good idea. The simple decor was stunning and the feeling from the whole event was meaningful and fulfilling. A great reminder of God's gift of marriage and how special it is to treasure it.

We got to sit with friends from church and had a great time visiting... and eating. Haha, yummy food! Even got to see some friends Natalie and Peter who flew in for the occasion. Yay! Oh, and the cutest favors ever, calculators! Andrea is an accountant and Nick an engineer, so it was a fun little surprise and Ariel was thrilled with getting the one we brought home.

It was fun to have a night without the kids, especially for me since I have been playing single mommy all week with Ken gone. I did feel bad for my Dad since Xander was teething and not a happy camper for some of the time. (The tooth did pop out this morning by the way - tooth count is now at 4!)

Today was just as busy. We meet up with my friend Michelle and her boyfriend Jug and daughter Kaelyn for a photoshoot. In return they treated us to lunch and it was lots of fun. Michelle and I go way back as our parents are good friends... and there was that summer with the car and the squirrel... poor squirrel, haha. Its fun reconnect as parents with our own kids... crazy too - when did we grow up?

After lunch we came home and while Ken and the kids had a skype chat with Ken's family, I made 3 batches of cupcakes for church tomorrow. Brenda asked if I could bake some cupcakes for the kids to decorate tomorrow as its the final day for the kids program before the summer starts... Kinda hard to believe summer is nearly here! Gack!

Speaking of programs ending, ballet ends this week with Ariel's little show. This time I actually hope to get it uploaded to share, just didn't happen last time. Anyhoo, on Thursday evening after dinner I took the kids to the park with Ariel all dressed up in her 'dancing' gear to take pictures to create a card for her teacher. Ariel had a ball dancing away and got lots of attention with people asking what the occasion was, haha. Just before packing it in to go home, I got this beautiful close up of Ariel and played with it in photoshop to give it a magical look. I just love it!

Speaking of Ariel, she got a call this week from the Jello Pudding people. Remember how we were filmed a few weeks ago eating pudding, well they called to say Ariel was in the finals. They are preparing the final edits this week and if all goes well she will be in the finished commercial! So we shall wait and see... eek!

Well, the house is asleep and I have enjoyed my time to myself... guess I will get to bed. Yawn...


kelly ens said...

congratulations on soon becoming an auntie!! very exciting :)
the pictures look great of your friends/baby and Andrea's wedding.
can't wait to hear if Ariel gets chosen for the Jello commercial!

Tera said...

How exciting! Congrats on becoming an aunt!! It's so much fun! The wedding you attended looked very elegant and sweet!

Katrina said...

Wow, congrats to you and Mike and Jo! Also nice to see pics of Andrea's wedding!

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