Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Online... meh

Project 365 - Day 146

Get it, the bird is on the line... online, hee... so bad.

Ok, I am uploading and scheduling some posts for the next day or so because our computer is going down the creek fast! Basically the virus vault got full, and we got infected - to the core! Within 24 hours we are experiencing more crap then ever. After a quick chat with my brother, its pretty serious, so we were backing up everything tonight to our external hard drive. I feel better knowing the pictures of the kids are safe, but still its got me on edge. After our computer crash years ago I think it makes me that way. So I don't know how much longer its going to last. Our email isn't working and it keeps doing weird stuff so I may just stay away if that is possible?!

Please continue to send ideas for the photos, I am trying to come up with a fun prize. Whee!


kelly ens said...

sorry about the computer - that is NOT fun :(

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice graphic shot!

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