Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter B

Project 365 - Day 151

We found a small 'b' on a cup today.


I forgot to mention my dear son turned 9 months last week! Wow, he is nearly a year old!!! Mr Grunts as I have been calling him, as he prefers that for communication lately mixed with the typical ahhhh, eeeee and booo. He is cruising the furniture now with ease, and even at time it seems as if he might let go and walk - EEK!

He is a self feeding machine, and quick to pick up anything on the carpet to taste, keeps me much more in check with the vacuuming. Loves Cheerios and has discovered the musical barn that use to entertain Ariel. No dancing but some bopping to the beat, we will leave the dancing to Ariel. He loves to bang stuff on the coffee table, and grins while doing it as if to say 'lookie what I can do!' Xander thinks 'peak a boo' is hysterical, so funny to watch.

His personality continues to emerge and it is one of a very sweet and quiet little boy. He is very observant to things happening around him, especially when it comes to Ariel. When we drop her at school he is focused on what she is doing. Ariel's teacher even commented on it today while she held him. He is excited to see both Ken and I, crawling right to us and pulling up our legs. He might not say Mama or Dada, but we see his affection which is warm and genuine. Xander also started more separation anxiety recently, and pulling away from people he doesn't know who might be trying to hold him. He has more of this than Ariel ever did, but then he is a Momma's boy too.

One of my favorite things about Xander is his grin and laugh. He has a cute little giggle that can turn into a snort if he is really laughing hard. I love watching him crawl like a race car after Ariel. He can keep up with her running, which is CRAZY! They are a bit wild together, which I know is just the tip of the iceberg. I am excited to see the love between them, and I hope it grows over the years. Ariel is always attentive to his cries, and wants to help him be happy.

So happy 9 months Mr Man! I just love my wookie boy, although I wonder what to do with the hair sometimes... haha.

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Kristin said...

I know we are only 2 letters in but I am liking this alphabet theme. ;)

Happy nine months to Xander! What a sweetie!

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