Tuesday, June 01, 2010

C is for Crappy News!

Project 365 - Day 152

I found this lock and thought it looked like a 'C'.

Kinda a good illustration for how I am feeling at the moment too, locked up with little options. While picking up some forgotten avocados at Save On today after picking up a somewhat blind Ken from the optometrist (he had the drops put in for his eye exam), ran into a friend from church, and fellow parent at the school where Ariel attends. Turns out the preschool that runs out of the school is being closed due to budget and such. I managed to hold it together till getting back in the car where I was on the verge of tears.

I then had the unfortunate task of explaining to Ariel why I was upset. More tears. She is crushed and I felt helpless since I have no control in the situation. We had to put it in the back of our minds while we looked at new glasses for Ken (and they are really cool ones and he will look awesome, yay). Once coming home I was on the computer fast searching for phone numbers of preschools. The difficult part is of course that most preschools (the better ones) are full since registration was back months ago. I can't risk wait listing it at several places only to not get any.

Upon researching I found a Fine Arts based preschool, so we have a meeting with them on Friday (yep I work fast!). They have a few spots open, and it might be the best option at the moment... trust me, its slim pickings at this point. They do morning and afternoon, so they have more options and seats available. One of the other moms called me already to ask what we were thinking of doing, so her little one may join us if I give a good report back.

I love my kids to pieces... and I just want my little girl to be happy... Prayers please that this school we see works or that we find something else soon!


Kristin said...

That is crappy news!
Fine arts preschool sounds like it would suit your family though, I hope it checks out well for you.

kelly ens said...

such sad news - what a major bummer! i hope you can get into the fine arts school...i think it sounds like it would be a good fit for your family too. hopefully it is! will be praying.

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