Friday, June 04, 2010

F is for Friday!

Project 365 - Day 155

I think this kinda looks like a 'F', a creative one.

Ahhh, its the end of a VERY stressful, well we still have the animation festival tomorrow but I am hoping it runs smoothly. We just got home from setting a few things up. I spent most of the time playing with Xander who was extremely fascinated by the boxes of tomatoes that hadn't been picked up yet from the youth fundraiser. Its interesting how he seems to understand certain things like 'come here' but with the word 'no' he kinda grins and keeps doing what he was doing... ah trouble is coming our way eh?

Xander tonight also showed his first signs of clapping and giving kisses. So cute! He won't do it every time, but he did it enough to make his mommy melt. *GUSH*

So the kids and I went off to see the new preschool this morning bright and early. The kids were off on a field trip to to the gymnastics club, so we just saw the empty room and met 2 of the teachers. It was a nice place, lots of things I think that Ariel will enjoy, but I still can't feel a tad sad that its not the school I wanted her at. Frankly I am still really cheesed by the whole event, and I go through the motions. The hardest part for me is the fact that she had such a FANTASTIC year at her preschool and now its a huge transition again. I know she will adjust, but I am hurt and frustrated, plus I have sadness over the fact she isn't getting a Christian program. Sigh.

I talked to one of the other moms who checked out the other school that was a possibly. After a lengthy discussion she seemed happier with the school I saw today and is making an appointment to see it next week. It be nice if Ariel could have one familiar friend at school, so praying that happens too. So I think we will be signing her up officially on Monday. I'd ask for prayer in the coming weeks, I am just disappointed by a school I felt I trusted.

Afterwards we went to Stella's to finish up the zippers in the dresses and I can say those are done! YAY! Just some hand sewing left to do. One more project done! Woot! During that time I had to meet Angie to pick up a work project, so I took Xander, left Ariel with Stella and met up for coffee. Then swung by to pick up our plane tickets at the travel agent. She got us some great direct flights going both ways, something we always have trouble getting. One is in the evening so I am hoping both kids will sleep... that is the plan, haha.

Came back to get Stella and Ariel and we drove to have lunch with Kara! Hmmm fish and chips on the dock is always yummy. Xander quite liked the fries, hee. While there at the place where Kara works, I noticed a 3 Saturday class offered for Ariel's age group that focused on painting. I decided to sign her up after returning from lunch since I figured it be good for her since she shows a great love of painting, not to mention it gives Mommy and Daddy a 3 hour break on those Saturdays where we can get some stuff done with just Xander in tow. Hee. I am pleased with the 3 activities I have the princess signed up for in July. She likes to be busy, and this will be good for her, especially missing school and ballet activities. August is busy with travel and birthdays, so no need for activities then. Much to look forward to...

So that pretty much ends our day. Xander is having a fit so I better go snuggle him.

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kelly ens said...

a very clear "f" in that leaf - cool!
i'm glad you're feeling good about this preschool for Ariel, but still SUCH a bummer about the one she was at. i know i'd definitely be bummed out and disappointed (extremely so) if that happened to us. though we have a LOT of great options out here, so it wouldn't be the worst thing, but i know there aren't many options out there, and with her already having one year there...MAN! i sure hope her friend decides to join her at this new place!

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