Monday, June 07, 2010

'I' see Ariel!

Project 365 - Day 158

Here is today's letter, I!

So we had our first 'Ariel' sighting. On my last post a comment from Susan said she saw Ariel's Jello commercial! From a day of research it seems only those of you in the USA can see it so far. If you happen to catch it please try and tape it, haha. Hard I know. There is one on youtube and on facebook but its not the right one. Ours will be more 'small town', the current one is very 'busy city' vibe... watch and see what ours will kinda be like.

Also, Ariel is wearing her blue Olympics coat with her hair slightly pulled back. Here is a picture from that morning. Also, we ate the chocolate pudding, the one commercial I have seen online is people eating the strawberry jello.

Today was Ariel's 'early' birthday at school. She wanted to share the day with her friend Daniel, so I made cupcakes for both of them. Daniel wanted white cake with white frosting, haha. I added some blue sprinkles just to give them some color, hee. Ariel wanted flowers. Printed out a little sign for each and huzzah.

So grown up looking in their official birthday crowns. We are hoping Daniel will be coming to Ariel's new school, should find out soon if they decided if they liked the place or not.

Speaking of the new school, I dropped off my registration and cheque today. It was hard, and I found myself pretty emotional when I left. I really pray I made the right call, but then I didn't have many options... only 2 really. There won't be a perfect fit for us this fall, and every time I feel like I moved forward with dealing with it I then question it all again.

To top off an emotional morning my lovely son grabbed my beaded necklace and pulled and managed to break it! The beads went flying in the parking lot. Ugh... Thankfully most went down my shirt and it was easy to gather, but I lost a few so I went to the craft shop to get some wire to re-thread it and get a few replacement beads. The lady couldn't believe Xander broke it, but nothing surprises me about my life at the moment, haha.

We had a busy weekend with the 3rd annual animation festival. It was a great turn out of kids and even Ariel took part this time. She was so proud to be a part of it and it was adorable to see her so 'into' her animation.

Other than that, I have been doing some paying graphics work for my friend Angie which is great for me. Thankfully with Ken done his major projects I get the computer. Woot! Angie's kids came to the festival (her son is the little guy I did the actor head shots for) and she was so sweet and brought me some flowers from her garden. I have never seen white bleeding hearts before until this spring, so I love those!

Tonight is going to be a mellow night, I hope to veg with the tv and do the hand sewing on the flowergirl dresses. Ken and I also have to start planning the kids birthday books. We have some ideas for Ariel, as we asked her what she wanted. As for Xander, any suggestions?


Tyler and Leah said...

I think Xander should be a lead singer in a band of some sort, it could be a series of Xander playing his Xylonphone in his cool band the X-men........I am sure you can come up with something better then that, but just a thought as he does sport some rocking outfits:0) we went through a lot picking Asher's preschool for the fall too, it is emotional and we had to let go of the idea of sending him to a christian preschool because there just wasn't one.....I am sure Ariel will shine wherever she goes:0)

susan said...

I am not surprised you said you were eating chocolate pudding; if I remember correctly from the commercial, Ariel had a bit of the chocolate on her face ;-) I will see if I can catch it again, but the only way I have to tape it is on my DVR and then I wouldn't know what to do with it!

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