Tuesday, June 22, 2010

X is for Xander

Project 365 - Day 173

This is one reason we used an 'X' to spell Xander's name versus a 'Z', we need more 'X' words in the world besides the over used X-ray and Xylophone.

Xander has exploded verbally within the past several days. Its like he realized that since he is so far advanced with his motor skills, that he should finally catch up with those silly verbal ones. Before, he would make the vowel sounds, but that was it, then almost overnight, lots of babbles! Da da da, ba ba ba, ga ga ga. Its music to my ears, especially since you start to wonder if he was ever going to do them. I was told by a friend that since he was advanced one way, he would eventually catch up the other way, but you grow concerned at the same time if there is something I wasn't doing right, especially with Ariel being super verbal early on.

So I sit and listen to Mr Xander man babble away, its wonderful.... da da da... hoping it becomes ma ma ma soon.

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SarahRachel said...

This is so true! Chase is crazy advanced verbally (way ahead of Jackson at this stage). He can say lots of words. Physically, he just isn't that interested in walking where Jackson was running by this point. Funny how kids work. The name Xander is very cool and much MORE cool spelled with a 'x.' =)

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