Monday, June 21, 2010


Project 365 - Day 172

Nothing that terribly exciting or creative. My battery was recharging this morning so I didn't take my camera out when walking Ariel to school... so I had to do something quick later on. Bah!

Tonight we were out for a BBQ dinner at Brad and Irene's. It was for all the ushers and greeters from church, which was very nice. Ken took over as a greeter when Nana died, so it fun seeing him in that roll this past year. Dinner was awesome, company was fantastic and the kids were well behaved and happy! WHOA!

Tomorrow is the cupcake bake-a-thon as I am calling it. Ariel's class party is on Wednesday, and we are making 'summer' themed cupcakes. Whee! We got all the supplies today, so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

hi Jay!

Dad Priebe here... loved your "alphabet" pics! just a quick idea..although it been done many times, you definitely have a keen eye for seeing the things you did for the letters of the alphabet..... look for a suggestion of a "face" in inanimate objects (often seen on car front ends, etc) there has been a tv commercial in the states based on the juxtaposition of inanimate objects that suggest a "face" ... almost always a "mouth" and "eyes", and most of the time also some sort of "nose". Cant recall the product/service being advertised, but they were cute ads. as an added part of it, you could come up with some "name and/or mood" for the "face" that links somehow to the object(s) or environment the "face" is made from or situated in..... i am sure you would see "faces" in things that many people would overlook! :)

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