Wednesday, June 02, 2010

D is for ... drink!

Project 365 - Day 153

Haha, yeah I could use one... a coke, what were you thinking? Here is today's letter, D! Whee!

So its been another day of calling schools. Again, not much luck, more wait lists. Bah! I ended up going on a few wait lists, but I am not hopeful they will pan out. Its not that I am optimistic, its that I am realistic.

Ariel had class today and I finally got to talk to some of the other parents who are just as hurt and confused as I am. One of them is on the board now and is looking into how things were handled, and we are going to be writing letters, not that it will change anything most likely at this point, but make them aware. I guess that is all we can do at this point perhaps, maybe it will help us heal by doing so, I know it will for me, I need to write out those things.

I zipped out to Richmond this morning while Ariel was in class to pick up a wedding gift, I know - another one! I also ended up getting Ken a new shirt and tie. Sooooo snazzy! I emailed a picture of it to him at work and he loved it. Yay me!

Ok, I got the bodice on the flowergirl dress done last night, gonna move on to the skirt. Sew Jay sew!


kelly ens said...

loving these letter pics :)

sleeplessnights04 said...

You're making me anxious about the Matron of Honor dress I need to make - I still don't have my dining room table back and my mom is due back from vacation on the 15th and I haven't even cut out the pattern yet - Wedding date is late August in Abbotsford :o(

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