Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr T

Project 365 - Day 169

I pity the fool who don't like my T! Hee. T is for Toy Story! Ken, Ariel and Xander are watching the first one together at the moment. We are planning to see the new one this weekend, so we are trying to get Ariel up to speed on the first 2 movies.

I spent all day out, first at coffee party then helping at Kara's dress rehearsal. I also had the handle of the back door of our car come off in my hands! Ugh. Thankfully, Dad said its just the screw coming loose, so it shouldn't be hard to fix, and he might be able to do it, that be nice! Until then the door is sporting some lovely duct tape, CLASSY! Nothing says going to a wedding like duct tape! Oh well.

I would write more but Ken needs to do something for work and frankly I need sleep before tomorrow... wedding day!

Will blog soon with pictures of all the fun stuff from the past few days, whee! As for now, one of us is driving back to Dad and Rita's for Ariel's mermaid stuffie... sigh, someone won't go to sleep without it.

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