Wednesday, June 16, 2010

R You Ready?

Project 365 - Day 167

Feeling more in control now after a morning of cleaning, baking and crafting. This morning when dropping Ariel off at school I had with me paint and mugs for our secret craft. It was decided on Monday when I was chatting with some of the moms that we should do a group 'thank you' gift for the teachers, especially since they won't be coming back next year due to the closure of the preschool. I shared an idea and it was agreed that we would do it since I could organize it, haha.

As the kids came in we got them to pick a color and we made them leave a thumb print on the mug. Then later I added some eyes, arms and legs... baked them and TA DA! The cutest mugs EVER! I really hope the teachers love these! I just think they are so sweet, and its made with love from the kids which is the most important part.

The girls I went to high school came over tonight for dessert and a visit! We don't get together much since we are spread out (some in other countries now) and so if one comes into town we try to organize ourselves to meet. Ken took out the kids to the park so that we could visit in peace. Julie brought yummy brownies while Ariel and I made Strawberry Shortcake (although at the time she thought we were going to cook her doll - hee).

Tomorrow is the rehearsal for Matt and Amanda's wedding, so I better get to bed to rest up. Need to make a dish to bring to the dinner. Then Friday night I am helping Kara with her dress rehearsal for her dance show. I will be wrangling kids, helping with costumes and potty breaks... so basically what I do at home, only for lots of other kids, haha. Plus Friday morning is our final coffee party before summer, so I need to make something yummy. Maybe try something new... hmmm.


kelly ens said...

those mugs are SOOOO cute - what a fantastic idea!!!!

Rebecca R said...

Those mugs are such a great idea! They look fab. But of course with you being extremely creative helps!

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