Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sad Vampire Car

Project 365 - Day 177

Something about old Volkswagons fronts that look like sad vampires to me... or I have been watching Cars too much with Ariel. Either way, he was all alone, with no cars to keep him company. Poor little guy.

So I have been busy today, lots of driving around getting things done that have been on the 'to do list' forever. Got to Costco for toilet paper and found a copy of the new book we are now reading for the book club, The Secret Daughter. I really enjoyed the first meeting I got to attend last night, and look forward to getting to know the ladies better.

Xander turned 10 months today, which means we are that much closer to a year! Gack! He was pushing the toy shopping cart around the living room today... showing some walking skills. Nope, not trying it alone, but I know its a matter of time if he is practicing with the cart.

Other than that, started a new online space for my creative stuff. I really want to start a gallery of sorts that I can keep track of my work, and use it as a portfolio for future plans. It will be housing some of my graphics projects, photography, party planning and cake decorating thus far. So look for the future release of Jaybird Creations once things are ready to share with you all! Whee!

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