Sunday, November 27, 2005

And so the trip ends...

Tomorrow we are flying home, its strange how time flies when your having a good time. The past few days were filled with lots of visiting family and friends and going to Michigan attractions. I wanted to post pictures during our time away but due to stupid technical issues I was unable to do so. I will be posting lots of great things once we are back home. This has been a very memorable trip for us and will be for some time. Lots to be thankful for this american thanksgiving indeed.

Got to see Jeff and Marie today as well as Steve. Nice to see the newlyweds are happy and well. They have been busy with house renos.

Today was Mom's birthday and we celebrated by doing dinner at this great resturant called the Memphis Smoke. Food was sooooooo good. It was a blues and bbq type place, and I got to try sweet potato fries. YUM.

Dan and Ken have been watching Family Guy and old home movies. They may be older now, but nothing has changed with these two. Heheh.

Looking forward to being home in my own bed, I miss it. Also want to see my brother and his new fiance Jo! I am so excited that I am finally getting a sister. The wedding is August 26th, 2006. The engagement party is this weekend, so much fun will be had.

Well, I will sign out until we return to Canada, my home and native land!

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