Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The saga of the volvo...

I really miss the days of car free living, but with my new role of working from home, we knew it was time for the wheels. We lucked out in September, not sure if I ever mentioned this, but my dad was buying a new car (surprise another volvo) and was looking for a new owner for his 92' one. Needless to say it worked out and the newest member of our family is Tank. I call it that because, lets face it, old volvos look like tanks. No one is gonna crush my tank. Hehehe.

So things have been pretty smooth thus far. Only a brief leak in the tire, that was fixed no problem. Problem getting the face plate back on the CD player, a few tries later it was fine. However, last night was a whole new can of worms. We went to take the car to Bible study and the alarm, which I was under the assumtion, no longer worked, proved in fact it indeed did work. So we are looking at each other with the what exactly happened look. We managed to get it stopped, don't ask me how, I still believe its a fluke.

Talked to papa this morning and he came over with pal Dave and they worked on the car. Not entirely sure at this point what the deal is but some sort of issue with the battery, not sure how that works the alarm but they said it was wired to it so maybe thats a clue. So they ended up taking over to the shop to work on it and I feel better knowing they know whats wrong. Should be back later tonight if everything goes well.

As for everything else these days. One word - BUSY!!! I am in the midst of getting things together for our Michigan trip (land of the huge tire) which is approaching at a rate I didn't dream it could. Need to finish gifts asap!!!

I am also apart of the Campaign team at church for the new ministry center. Woot. I have taken on the role of Multi-media coordinator, so I have been working on editing a presentation piece that will be shown soon. So the phone has been ringing a lot these days and meetings are filling the calendar. I am so excited to be part of this team, I believe in this project so much and its so great to be part of something that will be in the church's history forever.

On top of that my graphics work, which thank goodness for now is in a hold as I wait for the data to be delivered. I did hear back and the client loved the newsletter so I am totally pumped! Yay. Its been fun doing stuff for the Cancer Prevention site, especially since both Ken and I are big supporters of cancer research. The HIV database that I also have been working on, building the layouts, is also in data phase. Waiting for data is sometimes boring but with so much keeping me on my toes I don't notice much.

Our sunday school class has been wonderful. Its so sad to think we will be away for one week. I am gonna miss them so much. We are starting to teach them stuff for the christmas show. Ken is helping with the drama portion so for the next few weeks I am flying solo in the classroom. Its not bad, but means less crafts involving glue, LOL. I got a sub booked this morning so I am feeling better knowing one more thing is off my to-do list.

The newest edition of the Hollywood Jesus books just came out. Click here to see and buy one if you want. Ken has 2 articles published in this one. I am so proud of my boy! He may even get the chance to write a stop-motion animation book. We are still in negotiations so once its a done deal I will share the great news!

So in closing of one of my largest blogs in awhile, I say this. God's blessings have been raining down in our lives. With ministry, work and play, it has been quite a wild few months. To all my friends reading this, I hope to see you all soon once the extreme craziness ends. Maybe some December visits?
If you can believe the calendar is slowly getting filled already. Eek. So I hope to touch base with you all soon.

Love you all! Jay over and out!

Christmas Countdown - 45 days

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