Monday, November 21, 2005

Final countdown...

We are leaving soon, a few hours. Just need to get through today, then we will be flying away....

So much is happening, life is never boring, thats for sure. Spent most of the weekend around Ladner with Nana and Aunt Penny. Got to go to some bazaars, found some more dishclothes, woot. Also found a great stocking stuffer for Ken. But since he reads this I can't share what it was. Trust me, he is gonna love it.

Saturday morning I got a pedicure, so relaxing. My toes look like little cranberries. Hee. I haven't been in awhile so it was very refreshing. It always makes my feet feel so good. Ahhh.

Still not feeling very great. Trying to get myself together before we leave. Nothing worst than being ill on a plane. Ugh. Found out what movie we are gonna get to see on the plane, and its one I haven't seen. Bonus!

Yesderday, Andrea came over for some instructions, she is house sitting for us while we are gone. I like knowing there is someone there taking care of things, collecting the mail etc. I need to pick up some lightbulbs tonight, I saw one burnt out and I do believe that I am out of that particular bulb. Thats the strange thing about our place. All the bulbs are the same in the whole place, except the eatting area one. Why is that? Its rather annoying but what can you do. I guess buy more bulbs.

I saw some little green sprouts in my garden. So my bulbs are waking up, perhapes too early... the weather was warmer than usual this fall. Still its refreshing to see new life already. My garden is going to be wonderful and so pretty.

I plan on keeping my blog updated while away in Michigan. Posting some pictures of the Thanksgiving celebrations, yay turkey! I really am looking forward to our time away. Should be very exciting. Found this pic, I'm sure this is how it is on Sesame Street at Thanksgiving. Heheh.

I'm hoping the fog lifts soon. I heard some planes aren't able to take off and that freaks me out a bit since we have a connection flight to make in Chicago. So I am praying it goes smoothly.

I made a to-do list last night, lots of cleaning and junk. I need to drop off some more of our greeting cards at Fancy This Gifts today as well as deposit and get out some cash for the airport.

I still can't get over the fact we will be gone a week. However, it has worked out that it is the best time to be away at the moment. Need some time to chill before Christmas. The moment we get back things get really busy. I have another Photo Montage Video I got hired to do, a 40th birthday one. As well as everything else I'm doing work wise. Also, I am hosting the coffee group on the friday, so I want to decorate for Christmas. Whee. That weekend is also the meeting of Jo's family with our family. I have this feeling more could be announced at this party. Lets just say Mike and dad are terrible at lying. So I will see if my woman's senses were correct. LOL.

Ok, time to get to work, my next post will be coming to you from Michigan!

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