Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trip Recap!

So we returned late Monday night, very late.... too late in my opinion. oh where do i start... we arrived after midnight, we should have been home at 530pm, so you know there is a story there. we got to detroit airport early and everything was fine until 10 mins before our flight was to arrive they announced that chicago was having high winds and that the plane hadn't taken off yet. eek. we had a connection there at 245 and they said we should arrive hopefully at 230 giving us 15 mins to run to the gate. well it was a bumpy flight and by the time we arrived it was 3pm and our plane was gone. argh! the nice airline people moved us to the next fight.....at 830Pm!!!! so that meant we had to wait in the airport for 5 and a half hours. sooooooooooooooooo not cool! they didn't even have a gate number for us until 6pm so we found a gate with some free seats (let me say it was uber packed anyways and i could have been sitting on the floor)

needless to say we weren't the only people not getting on flights. we sat
in the new york gate and ate our pizza while angry new yorkers yelled at the airline people that they weren't on the stand by list or something. it was entertaining to say the least. ken decided to make the best of sitting and worked on his book. i however was getting cabin fever so i walked around a lot, read almost every new magazine until i couldn't stand anymore. watched some movies on our portable dvd player and tried to sleep at points.

at 6 we finally got our gate number and headed there to sit. oh i nearly was sick at the smell of the mcdonalds food. its been over a year since we gave it up and i don't miss it. however, the american food, not sure why this is, smells different anyways, every single person sitting around us was eatting it!!!!!!!!! gross! there was so many good food places in this terminal (if there was a place to get stuck its this place) heck the pizza we had was like fancy pizza (if there is such a thing) wolfgang puck pizza, nice.

so we got on the plane and lets say it wasn't a smooth ride. i was in tears, more so due to lack of sleep, food and overall tireness of the days event, so the extreme bumpy flight wasn't helping me calm down. all i wanted was to be on the ground. we got to watch the new charlie and the chocolate factory, it was pretty lame. since the flight was 4 hours, they always let you buy these 5$ food boxes, and ken was starving and asked and oh they don't serve them on late flights. argh. i had some potato chips in my bag and he snacked on that but we were both ready to jump out of the plane. i hate flying at night because i can't see anything and thats scarier i think. kens hand could be seriously crushed from my grip.

so we landed at 11pm and got through customs fast since the airport was empty, and headed to baggage claim. well, there was a bag jam and we had to wait another 20 mins. lol, it was getting funny at this point. lucky our bags were some of the first off, and we ran to get a cab to go home. cab driver was really nice, and was talking about how the snow had started falling earlier that night. it was really pretty, big flakes filling the sky. i think it helped ease my tension.

so we are home and happy! I don't want to be on a plane for awhile....

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