Monday, November 14, 2005

The sky is falling!

Can't believe its Monday already. That long weekend sure went fast. Maybe because it was jammed pack of exciting events and activities. Its funny how as a kid the days are so long and as an adult they are short. Weird....

Friday, was mostly a day of relaxing and remembering. It was pouring rain and since we had already been sick once this year, we decided to stay warm inside and watch the ceremonies on tv. Watching the faces of the young and old, gathered together to mark such events in history, is overwhelming. Both my dad's parents served and so I will always remember them on days like this.

Saturday, I had made a date with Beth and Katie to go down to "Circle Craft" at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was a bit mucky out, but it was still fun to get out to the city again. I realized that I really don't miss it. The noise, the people, the cars.... its just too loud for the country girl. Hehe. Nice to visit though.

The event was alot of fun, did sooooooooo much walking that I have some pretty nasty blisters on my feet. Ugh. I managed to finish the christmas shopping there, as well as pick up a lovely stainglass, dragonfly moble for our future nursery. I'm always on the look out for orginal things, I don't want the typical baby room.

This is a picture from their website. Our moble has a blue, green and white dragonfly. Each color its own meaning (they had a card there with all the meanings on it) and I selected colors especially for a new child. Kinda like a little prayer or wish for them. Like that scene in Sleeping Beauty with the fairies giving her gifts. These are my hopes for our furture child.

Intellect and spiritual insight - creativity and openness - hope, optimism and new beginnings

Represents healing and growth, inspiring hope and the fulfillment of dreams - it is calming and refreshing - stimulates imagination, empathy and creativity

Encompasses all colours thus representing opportunity and possibility in life - innocence, virtue, wholeness, the ideal - improves concentration and clear thinking

It was fun to see Katie and Beth for a few hours and enjoy christmas stuff. If you get the chance to go to this event next year, I highly recommend it!

Sunday was a busy morning with church events. I was busy with our kindergarten class and Ken was with his older group, directing the drama. After the service I had to run and help with the christmas brunch ticket sales and then back to help with the taping of the interviews for the ministry video I'm building.

When we got home and had a simple lunch, Ken suggested we got to see "Chicken Little" and have dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with our lovely gift certificates Katrina and David gave us for making a photo video for their summer wedding. So we checked the show times and headed out for a 345pm show.

I wasn't sure if we were going to like it but we were pleasently surprised and I even shead a tear in a scene. It was a great film and we spent time yaking about it over dinner. Yum. We came home and started a joint review on Hollywood Jesus. Check it out if you have time. Then we crashed in bed around 1030pm and tried to keep warm. It was WAY cold last night. Ugh.

Today, I have been working on the minisry video. Its coming along well. I am really pleased with it thus far. Was having some sound issues, blah. Tonight is the meeting at the church to discuss progress. So I should sign off and countinue, eh?

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