Wednesday, November 02, 2005 very cold...

Well, it seems our baseboard heating decided that it wasn't going to work today...argh. A call has been placed to the super of our building but until then I have several layers of clothes on. Its so weird how things just stop working. The heat was fine yesterday, why suddenly is it not? This same event happened last year. Always on the coldest day it seems, blah.

In other news, been full speed ahead on christmas gift making, woot! Trying to finish the cross stitching so I can focus on the sewing them into ornaments part. With the date of our trip drawing near, I feel the pressure to finish.

Got a neat idea for gift tags this year. I am going to cut up last years christmas cards we received. I found them this morning cleaning up and it makes me feel better than just throwing them out.

Christmas Countdown : 52 Days

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