Saturday, November 05, 2005

Annual Christmas Bazaar

Today was the annual barzaar at the Catholic church in town. Oh, how I love this event!!! I have been going for years, and it is one of the big events I look forward to marking the begining of the christmas season!

Got some cute craft items, a lovely folk art santa, a snowman, some new dishclothes and my favorite slipper booties. Also picked up 2 frozen apple pies for Ken, his favorite! Then I joined Nana, Kitty and Delores for tea. I think they have the best fancy sandwiches there, oh they were amazing as usual! Why must it only be once a year?

Saw Julie's mom and got to chat with her for a bit, as well as my old elementary school secretary. Also saw Wendy with the girls, one of them wasn't in the best mood, time for lunch I guess. Hee. There were a lot of people as usual but it felt even busier than I remember.

Tonight we are having company for dinner, woot! Corene and Toby are coming over as well as the new Youth Pastor, Dan. I think Ken is planning to pull out the 'Scene It' game tonight since both Dan and Toby are movie buffs. Might make for an interesting game for once, since Ken usually kicks serious butt whenever we play. (Probably why we don't play much anymore. Heh)

So the house is clean, dinner is ready to pop into the oven at 5pm and I am somewhat chilling until Ken gets home. He took the car today so he could get home faster. Yay!

Oh, I found out Delores is putting her Christmas decor up starting next weekend.... oh I am so all over that!!!! So expect numerous pics as the boxes get pulled out and I begin my favorite time of year.

Christmas countdown : 49 Days

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Anonymous said...

Janet - I know someone you know! Dan - the new youth pastor - went to our church before he went to yours! I read in the bulletin a few weeks ago that he had gotten the job out there - anyway small world.
PS I don't know know him. Like he doesn't know me. I just know who he is.
PPS Your blog is fun.
PPPS I need more info on your new work-from-home venture. Does this mean you might have time to squeeze in a visit???
-Robyn in Abbotsford

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