Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...the USA version

Well, we had a great day. Lots of stuff happening and lots of cold wind and snow to top it off. We rolled out of bed and had a rather small breakfast since we missed most of the free breakfast stuff. Managed to get some cereal and the guy cleaning up managed to find us each a banana and a fresh doughnut. I tell you all now that American doughnuts are PURE SUGAR!!! Seriously, this stupid thing was soooo heavy, i had one bite and shook from the sugar rush. Yuck. Needless to say I refused to eat anymore.

Also, discovered that in American hotels, if you leave money in your room, like on the desk or night stand, the cleaning ladies think its a tip. Ken left a $5 bill on the desk, forgetting to put it in his wallet after going to the drink machine the night before. When we returned our room was cleaned REALLY nicely. I was surpried, then discovered the bill was gone. LOL. Oh well, they can use it more than us.

Tonight, was the big dinner at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill's place. A good number of the family made it out so Ken got to visit with lots of cousins. Took some great pictures and I will post them when I get the chance. But we had a wonderful dinner and I am full.... until my regular dinner hits...which is soon. ugh. I feel so bad because we get all this wonderful food but its more like lunch to us. Sigh. Expect a late night taco run tonight. Heheh.

Ken's friend just arrived for a late night visit so I will bring this update to a close. So Happy American Thanksgiving! Yay!

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