Sunday, December 17, 2006

3rd Sunday of Advent

Ho ho ho! Here comes santa baby! This morning was breakfast out with the whole family, treated by Nana and Papa. Yum! It might have been hard to get moving so early but the food was worth it. Not to mention seeing everyone. Jo said her exam went well, yay. Mike shared about the gang party happening a few doors down at their apartment building, and how they had to call the cops. However, upon waiting for them, the party people had called the paramedics. They saw someone go out on a stretcher, so sounds like a wild night. Here we thought we were the only ones with strange neighbours. Hehe.

Church was good, lots of rocking. The kids sang 3 songs and were ever so cute. Can't wait till Ariel is up there singing. Whee. She may not have gotten to sing, but Ed made sure Ariel got her first christmas goodie bag, which is tradition after the children's musical program! We will be sure to help her out with it, since she shows more interest in the bag anyways.

We were to go to Hans and Anna's tonight for party celebrating his PhD, but I am somewhat feeling yucky and another migraine on the horizon. I am starting to wonder if I may be sick... as the throat is feeling a bit scratchy. Hmmm. Either way, early to bed and a quiet night at home is much needed. Especially since next sunday is christmas eve. Did anyone else miss that sneaking up? Good grief. Much still to do for preparing my brunch for the big morning. So no being sick. Blah.

Ken is working this week but then is off all next week, yay! His work party is tomorrow but I don't think I will be going. Tomorrow I must rest, rest, rest. HA! Easier said than done. I have a hard time sitting still. Be good or you are going to be sick on your baby's first christmas, must keep telling myself that. Blah.

Speaking of baby, I hear her babbling to daddy. I think I may go join my family, but first a nice, long bath.... ALONE! Whee.

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