Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stupid mother!

In that whole post I forgot to mention the big news! On Christmas eve, Ariel ROLLED OVER! Yes people, we are now able to go back to tummy! The funny part was, we both missed it the first time. How sad is that! Ken had her in the computer room and she did it on her blanket and when he looked down, she was on her tummy. I was stuffing stockings at this point, and came running when he shouted, "I think she rolled."

Well, we are happy to say, she just did it again, thus jarring my memory that she did it in the first place. This time we both saw her do it, and it was pretty darn exciting. So much so that our cheers scared her and she rolled back to starting position. Lol.

Ok, thats all, go back to your leftovers.

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