Monday, December 18, 2006

New friend

Although I was planning on going to Richmond today, even after I told myself to rest hehe, I decided at the last moment not to and I am glad because we got 3 parcels in the mail. Woot. One was our slide show of the photo shoot we had done with Maria, uber gorgeous. So nice to have someone do a slide show for you, especially when you usually do them for others. Also got the various presents for Mike and Ken that I ordered for Nana. Internet shopping is just not her speed. The last parcel had a cute card from Meeka and a friend she made for Ariel. Needless to say, I think she is hooked Aunty Meeka! Thank you so much! Happy happy, joy joy!

This morning, Maureen, Fran and the kids showed up on our door. So glad we cleaned up somewhat last night. Its not perfect, but I can blame that on the baby right? The kids wanted to borrow some movies and I asked what they wanted. Tim replied 'Happy Feet', which is still in theaters. I laughed, oh no pirated movies in this house, to which he said, but there aren't any pirates in it. LOL. I can't wait till Ariel says things like that.

Tonight Ken is staying late for the work party and I am getting a visit from Aunty Deb. Yay. Ariel is grabbing a quick nap so I should grab some food. Looks like the high school gang is meeting up this week for the annual get-together. It be nice if we all could be there, but some are living out of the area, sniff, Julie. Do call if you come to town, love to see ya! I did hear that Jaime had baby number 2 in the past year, another little boy. NO idea on details, since I got this via the grapevine with our family connections.

So the days are getting busy and growing few as we get close to Christmas! YAY!

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