Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The days are never boring

You already know with a title like this one, that this is bound to be an interesting post. Lets start off with the small things and build up. I woke up this morning and my eye was hurting. I went to the bathroom and saw that I had a sty on my eye lid. Great, with that I now resembled Quasimodo. Always a nice way to start ones day.

Ariel and I went to coffee. Stella had a gift for Ariel, a baby sock monkey! Will post a picture soon, as I need to post her in her strawberry hat as it is also wearing one. Lol. Too cute. Ariel loves those sock monkeys. After coffee, I went and got the stuff I needed for the potluck dinner tonight. While walking home, with Ariel in the snuggly, I tripped when stepping onto the curb. Well, needless to say we both went down. Since I reacted to protecting her, I landed on my knees and managed to bend up my umbrella pretty good. Ariel was fine, no harm at all. She looked at me like it was a game or something. At that point I could feel my legs burning in pain and my face heat up from embarrassment. When I looked up, several people were running over to make sure we were both ok. I was glad we were close to home, as my knees were killing me.

Once home and Ariel was happily playing on her blanket, I removed my pants to see the damage. I had good sized raspberry burns, some popped blood vessels and pretty nasty skinned areas. You could sure tell I pushed to fall that way, rather than on Ariel and protecting her head at all cost. I could care less about the pain knowing she was fine, but it was starting to hurt that much more. Took some pain pills, cleaned it up and rested. Ever since the great rollerblading fall of 96, my knees have never been the same, this didn't help them in the lease. Took a bath when Ariel napped and that seemed to relax the muscles. Note to self, don't trip again.

So if that wasn't enough for today, as I prepare to leave at 4pm for Christy's, I look out the window and see several police with the shields and guns walking around our building. Oh good grief, now what! Nana arrives to bring me some crackers for the party to go with my appetizer only to see this situation, and was told to leave. Now, that got her pretty upset and I don't blame her. I was really confused why it looked like we had some mob boss hiding out inside our place. I called Christy to give her the update, not sure when I would be able to get out, as the cops were now blocking the driveway.

Within a half hour, they were yelling to this guy to get down on the ground. It was soon I realized it was our neighbour, the one the police seem to visit every few months. Sigh. He sounded really mad, I think his girlfriend calls the cops on him when they have a fight, and they did have one earlier today in the parking lot. It looked like the ended it well, but with this sort of scene, I guess not. I have no clue what she said to get what looked like a swat team out, but it couldn't have been good. Finally at 5pm, it was good to go. No more hiding out, and I was glad to get going. Ken wasn't impressed, especially when the couple came home later that night. Needless to say, he was yelling at her for what she did, so who really knows if it was justified. I really think she kinda is one who cries wolf. I am hoping this latest installment gets them kicked out. All the neighbours are really sick of it, as its like a joke now.

And so ends my day. I am glad its over. I had fun with my friends, and that was the nice ending I needed.

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