Thursday, December 14, 2006

4 Months!

Yay for Ariel! Hard to believe its been only 4 months since she was born, but I guess people still say that when their kids are 17 years old. I told her to smile nice for her blog picture, and she gave me the smile somewhat like the ones Mike use to give as a kid. The good ol' shark smile (minus the teeth).

Today was a busy day of fun. Maybe too much fun and craziness... you will get the drift in a bit. We started off the day with an early visit from Nana. She mentioned that our friends Darrel, Maureen, Andrea and Tim were coming by for a visit to her place this morning. They just arrived the previous day from Alberta. So we got all bundled up and headed to see everyone. It was just starting to rain lightly. Another storm is on the way tonight, eep.

The kids sure have grown since the summer. They were showing off the neat reports they made in home schooling, about their summer vacation. Pretty impressive. Ariel babbled away for everyone, and it was nice to catch up a bit. After the visit, Ariel and I headed off for our day at the movies!

We were the first ones there, so I ate my lunch while Ariel played with her toys. Soon the theater was filling with mommy's and babies... lots of babies. It was then that Erin and little Carter spotted us. They invited us to sit with them and their friends, which was really nice. Ariel cooed during the previews and shortly after eating, fell asleep in her carrier on the chair beside me. She slept through the whole movie.

Somewhere during the film I started to feel a bit funny. My head started throbbing, and then without much warning, full on migraine. Ack! I closed my eyes at times to regain my self but by the end of the movie I was rather weak. I got out to the car, and of course its now dumping rain. I was very blessed to get home without any incident, however once I pulled into our parking spot, I was running to toss my cookies (sorry if thats too much info). Stupid migraines always do that to me.

The worse part was a fellow in a truck saw me when driving by and asked if I was ok. I am sure he thought I was some crazy drunk chick who had been driving with a baby in the car and now was throwing up. Sigh. I explained my situation and that I was ok. Nana was nice enough to come over to watch the princess so I could shower and recover a bit. I feel fine now, but I really can use a good sleep tonight.

So today was fun and eventful as usual. It never fails to be when it comes to me. Wonder if Ariel will be anything like me that way. Hehe. In closing, Ariel wanted to show off her new trick. She loves to grab her feet. In fact she kicks until her shoes are off just so she can see them, what a nut. She also is starting to respond to her name a bit. More so in the morning when she is fresh. Other new things, almost rolling over from back to tummy. She is so close, but I think she is just choosing not to. Ariel is also reaching for toys around her and holding them. Its pretty exciting to see. Happy 4 months baby girl, we love ya!

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Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine, but I'm glad you made it home safely! Have a wonderful weekend!

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