Saturday, January 06, 2007

And so goes another saturday...

Its amazing that the day is pretty much over. Well, over when you have a kid who goes to bed in an hour, and once that whole production is complete you are ready for bed yourself. We did get a lot accomplished, so thats a big plus. Maybe nothing super exciting, but getting the big chores done is big in my books.

The morning started early with a trip to pick up our car. Its now uber happy (with what it cost it better). I told Ariel to kiss that diamond 'binkie' and gold plated stroller goodbye, she wasn't happy as you can plainly see. A princess needs these things right? Hah.

Anyhoo, got the car, and took it to the aircare. Whee, wasn't that fun. Blah. I can't imagine working there all day. I didn't see them wearing masks, but you think they should in a place like that. So, we passed, yay. For those that aren't familiar with this, you basically take your car to get its exhaust tested. To drive here, you need to be only letting off so much nasty stuff from your car. If it fails, then you have to get it fixed... and who knows how much that is gonna cost ya.

After the test, and one wrong turn or two, we were at Costco for the big 'meat' shop. I must admit, with Ariel in the buggy, it helps from not going nuts. Hehe. So we got many huge packages of various meat, some pasta that was an amazing deal, one of those awesome boxes of cards that are all homemade looking (especially nice when cards are at least $5 each these days), Ken's birthday present (which he got now, and won't get nothing later - his choice!) and a few other grocery items. I found out later that Mike and Jo were there too, not like its easy to spot people in a place like that. I did see a $43,000 diamond ring, hint hint. Lol. You can only imagine how huge that sucker was for that price, dang!

We lucked out with short lineups, only to see in 10 minutes it become at least 8 deep in each lane, yikes. I went to nurse Ariel, well tried. Lets say maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot, but Costco was lacking a place to nurse in general. I found the change table, but not even a chair in the corner. I don't need some fancy setup, but I don't want to have to expose myself to the Costco public out in the food area. Its one thing for a child to yell, look mommy, a baby. Its another to hear, look mommy, BOOBIES! Some of you are totally comfortable about feeding in public, and I give you total praise, I however shy away from this. I did nurse in a few public settings, but Costco is a totally different. So I ended up using a washroom stall. Blah. I may write and ask that a chair be added to the washroom, I don't think thats asking too much. Then that child may then get the privilege of yelling about my breasts in a secure men free environment.

We grabbed some hot dogs for lunch and then headed home. I stopped by the insurance place to renew the car. I am proud to say my safe driving is now getting me a %40 discount, woot! Car has its new sticker and I am down one less chore.

We come home and Ken entertains Ariel while I take to cutting up the meat for freezing in bags. Its much cheaper in the long run, a big task, but cheaper. I like cheaper. Took about an hour to cut, bag and carry up to the freezer. The freezer is now super full and we shouldn't need to meat shop for a long time. Yay.

The afternoon was very uneventful. Mostly naps for Ken and Ariel, while I got some computer time. However, my free meal ticket tomorrow might be in jeopardy, as Mike called to say their elevators are not working at the moment. Poo. Why did they find a nice place on the 15th floor? To go up ourselves is one thing, but with Ariel in tow, thats another story. Sigh, so lets hope they are working tomorrow. I really wanted to see them and their place. Blah.

And so goes another saturday... enjoy the funny faces of Ariel. Goodnight!

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