Monday, January 22, 2007

Tis monday again

It got pretty busy there for awhile, so I am happy to see things slowing down again. Lots to catch up on, here it goes.

On Saturday, I went and took Ariel to get her passport pictures done. I was a little concerned how they got them without me being in the picture. Turns out she sat on the stool, and I had my hand on her back. She did very well, mostly due to the fact she had just gotten up from a nap and was really out of it. Hehe. We will be going to Michigan in the Spring, so we have lots of time to get things taken in. Unlike the silly people that waited till the cut off for getting a passport to begin with. Sheesh. I see the lines on tv, and I plan to go once the big deadline passes, in hopes it won't be as bad. I am temped to send it via mail, but I hate sending birth certificates because knowing my luck they will get lost. Bah.

Later that evening, we stopped by Pastor Dave's to get the application signed on our way to the grocery store. I love food shopping at night, no one is there and I can badly dance to the cheesey 80's music while picking out cereal. Whee.

Sunday was church at the High School. Ariel wasn't too sure about the whole idea of being somewhere new. She is starting to act strange with people now too. Its hard not seeing her smile as much, but its an important development. When Ariel got hungry, I walked her down the hallway to the washroom to nurse her and got to show her mommy's grad picture. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago. Eep!

Afterwards, we had a quick lunch and drove to Burnaby. We were invited over to Ken's co workers place for a visit. I got to meet Calvin, his wife Syliva and 7 year old daughter Nikki. We had a wonderful time, such lovely people. They even had us stay for dinner, much to Nikki's begging that we, or more so Ariel, stay. She had fun playing with Ariel, and had her laughing harder than I have ever seen. I think we were all laughing at Nikki bounce around making faces at Ariel.

On the way home Ariel slept, which in turn made her regular bedtime seem unrealistic. We all stayed up till 11pm and she was still bouncing off the wall. Finally, we got in bed, and were watching Grease. Ariel joined us and soon was asleep in my arms. She slept well and got up only once. She didn't rise again from bed till 9am.

This morning was our scheduled trip to the doctor's for another weigh in session, due to last months sudden drop. Well we are happy to say she is on the turn around, and it up to a healthy 16 pounds. Her height and head circumferance are still top 90%. Appreantly, that head size is showing good signs of Ariel being a very intellegent girl the doctor says. I called Ken after to tell him that we are in for some trouble in the future. Hehe. Look she can spell her name already! Ok, maybe I helped a little.


SarahRachel said...

Oh my that Ariel is a genius!! I'm glad she's gained weight. Such a pretty girl! :)

Megan said...

Thanks for the long post =)

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